Chapter 34 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Don’t worry!

When he got home, Lin Guodong saw him sweating profusely, so he couldn’t help but wonder: “Did you exercise at night?”

“Yeah! I did a hundred push-ups!” Lin Xian replied weakly and walked into the bathroom carrying a change of clothes.

He comfortably took a cold shower and finally regained some energy.

Lying on the bed, Yan Xiaoman’s call arrived as expected.

“Were you caught by my dad again?” Yan Xiaoman asked.

Lin Xian sighed and said, “My dear, can you discuss it with our dad to not make me do push-ups at night.”

“What? Our Dad? Who said I would marry you!” Yan Xiaoman snorted proudly.

Then she whispered softly: “Lin Xian, I will find time to confess to my parents.”

“Yes. Your parents already know it anyway.” Lin Xian smiled.

“Hmmm Hmmmn. I will confess to them in a few days.”

After a few conversations, the two said good night to each other and then hung up the phone.

In the following days, Lin Xian still maintained his routine.

He gets up early in the morning for a quick run. Then he practices his hard pen calligraphy. He plays his guitar in the afternoon, plays games, and also occasionally comes out to meet with Yan Xiaoman.

With the passage of time, his handwriting has gotten better and with imitating other’s works every day, his handwriting had become somewhat elegant while being free and easy just like that of Master Ren Ping.

The relationship between him and Yan Xiaoman also heated up rapidly during that time.

Of course, they never did anything out of the ordinary. They just cuddled and practiced holding their breaths at most.

It’s not that Lin Xian didn’t want to go further. It’s just that Yan Jianhua watched too closely. Every time they are together and it passed nine o’clock, a call would arrive as expected.

And every time Yan Jianhua catches Lin Xian, he always made him do push-ups.

Now he is even well-known in the community as the young man who often did push-ups there at night.

The benefits of it are also obvious. The morning run and the push-ups make him feel that his physical prowess has gotten better each day.

Before, Lin Xian’s limit was 60 push-ups in one go. Now he can do one hundred, although his posture is not that standard.

At the entrance of the Community, Yan Jianhua smoked a cigarette as he watched Lin Xian do push-ups. But instead of leaving as usual when
Lin Xian finished, he suddenly asked: “Xiaoman said you are going to study in Jinling?”

Yan Xiaoman had already confessed to them a few days ago. And after his daughter’s description and his observation of Lin Xian, Yan Jianhua had a good impression of him and felt that he isn’t bad. So he didn’t stop the two of them from dating.

This young man looks good and has a very good personality. The key is that he is able to make money at a young age.

“Yes. Jinling University of Finance and Economics!”

Lin Xian wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied.

Yan Jianhua warned: “I don’t want to care about what young kids do and I can’t control it. But you have to remember, be very careful. I don’t want Xiaoman to have a huge belly halfway through University. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Don’t worry, Uncle!” Lin Xian assured.

Yan Jianhua said in his heart: ‘How can I rest assured!’

As a man, how can Yan Jianhua not know what is going on in Lin Xian’s mind?

Boys at this age have a surge of hormones. If you believe in their guarantee, you might as well believe that sow can climb up a tree.

But it is true. Just like he said, he can’t control young people’s affairs.

When her daughter grows up, she can’t be kept by his side like when she was a child.

“Okay, you can go home now. Pay attention to your safety on the road.”

Yan Jianhua was a little saddened.

He waved his hand, turned around, and walked into the community.

It was August 28th.

After Lin Xian finished his breakfast, he did not practice calligraphy but rushed to the high-speed train after cleaning up.

Today is the start of classes at Fudan University. Yan Xiaoman is about to embark on a new journey to Shanghai. As a boyfriend, of course, he has to send her off.

When he got off the taxi, he heard Yan Xiaoman’s voice: “Lin Xian, here!”

Running forward quickly, Lin Xian smiled and said, “How are you uncle and aunt?”

Chen Lei and Yan Jianhua were worried about Yan Xiaoman reporting to school alone so they came to accompany her.

Yan Jianhua nodded while Chen Lei looked at Lin Xian the same way a mother-in-law would look at her son-in-law.

Lin Xian asked, “What time is your train?”

“At half-past eight!”

Yan Xiaoman was in front of her parents and was too embarrassed to be too intimate so she just said, “Lin Xian, promise me you will go often to Shanghai and visit me!”

“Don’t worry. I will go visit you there!” Lin Xian promised.

“You can only bully me. You are not allowed to bully other girls. If I learn about it, you will be dead!” Yan Xiaoman threatened.

Lin Xian joked: “What? Did you install surveillance cameras on my body?”

“Hehe, I have an intelligence personnel!” Yan Xiaoman smiled mysteriously.

“Wow you are really good, you even have an intelligence personnel.”

“So you’d better be loyal and obedient.”

At this time, Yan Jianhua on the side reminded, “Xiaoman, it’s almost time. Let’s go in and have your ticket checked.”

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman took the initiative and stretched out her hands, and hugged Lin Xian tightly. Then she said reluctantly, “Lin Xian, I am leaving!”

“Don’t make it seem like a separation of life and death.” (T/N: don’t worry guys, that’s not a flag)

Lin Xian squeezed her white tender face and said with a smile: “The high-speed train from Jinling to Shanghai only takes an hour or two. If nothing happens on the weekend, I will go to you.”

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman smiled and said, “Then I will wait for you!”

As Yan Xiaoman walked into the high-speed train, Lin Xian also turned and left.

Each university has a different schedule for the opening of classes.

The Jinling University of Finance and Economics classes will not start until September 2.

Time had passed so fast and came September 1st in a flash.

“Son, don’t you really not want us to accompany you?” Lin Guodong asked.

Lin Xian waved his hand and said, “It’s really not necessary. It’s just the opening of classes. It’s not like I’m getting married or something.”

Like Lin Xian insisted, Lin Guodong nodded and said, “Then so be it. Pay attention to your safety.”

After so many years of free-range education in Buddhism, Lin Xian has cultivated his independence and self-reliance.

“After arriving in Jinling, remember to call us to inform us you’ve arrived safely.” Lin Guodong also trusted him very well, so after some reminders, he went out and rushed to the restaurant.

The start of classes at Jinling University of Finance and Economics will be on September 2. The reason why he went to Jinling one day in advance was naturally to spend some money.

During this time, the system earned him 150,000, plus the remaining money from before, totaling 195,000.

And the road to LV4 is only 140,000 experience points short.


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