Chapter 4 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Attack of the little tiger tooth!

“Lin Xian, can you speak right?!”

Yan Xiaoman actually put aside her reservedness to discuss such kinds of matter, and this bastard kept on bullying her.

At the moment, Yan Xiaoman’s cheeks are bulging and she looks very cute.

Although Lin Xian couldn’t see her expression, from the tone of her voice, he felt that Yan Xiaoman’s expression right now should be very interesting.

So Lin Xian continued to laugh and said: “I am discussing Xiong Da and Xiong Er with you. What are you thinking about? “

“Lin Xian!”

Yan Xiaoman was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She was very annoyed and she leaned forward and bit Lin Xian’s shoulder.

The sudden pain in the shoulder made the e-bike go uncontrollable. Lin Xian said in surprise, “Fuck! What are you, a dog? Let go!”

Seeing that the e-bike is shaking, Yan Xiaoman soon realized how dangerous it was, and so she hurriedly let go.

It wasn’t until then that she realized how bold her actions were. They looked like a young couple in a quarrel.

She normally keeps her distance from boys and avoided even her hands touching them, but now she actually bit Lin Xian.

The thought of this made Yan Xiaoman’s face blush.

She felt ashamed but also with a sense of satisfaction for having executed her vengeance.

Thinking how Lin Xian kept on bullying her beginning at the bus stop, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but snort and say: “Think you can bully me?!”

Not to mention, Yan Xiaoman’s two little tiger teeth really hurt people.

Lin Xian could only take a cold sharp breath and say: “Are you not afraid of getting into an accident when you bit so heavy?”

“Whoever told you that you can speak badly and bully me all the time?!” Yan Xiaoman replied in an irritable tone.

She thought of something suddenly and continued: “Lin Xian, you used to be a very quiet person! How come that after the college examination was over, you seem like a new person?”

Lin Xian continued: “How can you say such a thing. You don’t even know me. In school, school flowers are regarded as unreachable people. There is also a group of flower protectors who protect you, and so there is no chance for me to talk to you normally.”

Although the two are in the same class, their paths don’t normally intersect.

Lin Xian’s grades are considered just a little above average and he is relatively quiet. He is not the type who is very famous in class. Yan Xiaoman on the other hand, ranked among the best in school all the time and she belonged to a small circle of girls, who had very little contact with boys.

Yan Xiaoman squinted and gritted her teeth some more. If it hadn’t been for safety, she would have killed the bastard.

It’s strange to say that although Lin Xian had been teasing her, Yan Xiaoman does not cut him off, but rather likes this encounter with him.

Unlike other boys, which she finds awkward to talk to every time.


During their chats, the e-bike soon entered the driving school.

Since the two are not in the same training class, after stopping the e-bike, Lin Xian held the umbrella and waved his hand, and said: “School Flower Yan, see you later!”

Then, he just left…

Under such a scorching sun, she didn’t have an umbrella for herself. Lin Xian could have at least sent her to the training location, right?

“This bastard! Dead straight man!”

Seeing Lin Xian’s back as he left, Yan Xiaoman stomped her feet angrily.


A silvery voice was suddenly heard from behind.

Yan Xiaoman turned her head and found that it was her bestfriend, Li Weiwei.

She saw a narrow smile on Li Weiwei’s face as if her best friend had discovered some secret.

Li Weiwei kept on looking at her from head to toe with a pair of speculating eyes.

“Weiwei, what’s the matter?” Yan Xiaoman was a little curious when she saw the look in Li Weiwei’s eyes.

Lin Weiwei smiled playfully and said: “Hehe! Xiaoman, are you and Lin Xian…um you know!”

“There’s nothing going on between us!” Yan Xiaoman denied.

“You can’t deny this. I know what I saw. You were holding an umbrella while he was driving the e-bike. I saw your whole journey.” Li Weiwei winked and smiled.

“There is really nothing going on. I just missed the bus and I asked him to take me here.”

After listening to Xiaoman’s explanation, Li Weiwei was a little disappointed.

‘Sigh, the gossip I had in mind is gone….’

Looking at the direction of the leaving Lin Xian. Li Weiwei said: “In fact, I find Lin Xian handsome. He has good skin and a warm smile.”

‘He looks handsome and has good skin’, Yes Yan Xiaoman agrees.

But warm? Heh.

She curled her lips secretly and was regretting how she couldn’t bite the bastard to death!

“Lin Xian here.”

As soon as he arrived at the training site, Lin Xian saw Wang Zixuan standing under the canopy and waving at him.

Wang Zixuan was Lin Xian’s tablemate and also his buddy.

The canopy didn’t help at all, the guy was about to turn into a sun-dried salted fish, and the sweat kept on rolling down his cheeks.

Seeing Lin Xian holding an umbrella, Wang Zixuan immediately run under it, wiped off his sweat, and gasped, “Fuck! It is so hot today. I’ve been standing here for only about ten minutes, but I feel like I am close to getting a heat stroke.”

“No one told you to bring an umbrella?!” Lin Xian smiled.

“My mom asked me to take one, but I think it doesn’t look good for a big man like me to go round while holding one.”

Wang Zixuan handed over a bottle of coke and asked, “Why are you so late today? The coaches have been here for quite a while.

Lin Xian casually explained: “I met Yan Xiaoman on the road and she asked me to take her to the driving school, and so I was delayed for a while.”

“Wow! Lao Lin, School Flower Yan took the initiative to ask you to take her. That’s interesting!”

The soul of gossip is present in both men and women. At this moment, Wang Zixuan’s eyes were burning with a raging fire of gossip.

Lin Xian smiled without answering, “How’s the talk going with Zhang Mengyao?”

“It’s okay!”

Wang Zixuan scratched his head, his tone with a trace of pain as he continued: “It’s just that I feel that my luck isn’t that good.”

“Why do you say so?” Lin Xian asked curiously.

“Every time I initiate a talk with Zhang Mengyao, it is always the wrong timing. It is either she is already preparing to sleep or take a bath. It’s bad luck. Isn’t it?”

Looking at Wang Zixuan’s serious expression, Lin Xian couldn’t help but contemplate.

After a long moment of silence, Lin Xian patted Zhang Zixuan’s shoulder and said earnestly: “Brother Wang, I think Zhang Mengyao may not be suitable for you.”

As his buddy, Lin Xian felt the need to tell Wang Zixuan to stop pursuing Zhang Mengyao as he might end up being a licking dog.

“It’s okay. I think we are quite appropriate.” Wang Zixuan said happily.

Lin Xian regretted having promised Wang Zixuan that he would help him get Zhang Mengyao’s Penguin.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become a licking dog…

“Okay, then let’s go!”

Seeing Zhang Zixuan’s uplifted spirit, Lin Xian didn’t mention anything about it anymore.

For men, you really have to experience setbacks so you can grow up as a strong man.


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