Chapter 5 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

This guy is a destructive wolf!

For more than 2 hours, Lin Xian only practiced driving the car three or four times, each time no more than five minutes.

After class, Lin Xian was about to leave when his coach stopped him and said: “You will not need to practice for the next two days. I have already reported your quota for the second subject of the test. It will be at the gate of the driving school at 7 am on the 15th set.

“Thank you, Coach.”

Lin Xian thanked him as he noted the time.

The second subject of the driver’s license test is a difficult one. Once the second subject is passed, the remaining three or four will be a lot easier.

Lin Xian estimated that according to his progress, he should be able to get his driver’s license before August 10.

He can get his driver’s license soon but he is still missing a Ferrari.

Thinking of the Ferrari’s exaggerated price, Lin Xian couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s a pity that owning a Ferrari is still far away…”

Wang Zixuan on the side wondered: “What Ferrari? Lao Lin, are you playing ‘Need for Speed’?

“What fucking ‘Need for Speed’? Can’t you be a little more ambitious?”

Just as Lin Xian was speechless, Yan Xiaoman and Li Weiwei arrived.

As soon as she saw Lin Xian, Yan Xiaoman had this urge to grind her teeth.

“Hello, two beauties!” Lin Xian said with a smile.

Wang Zixuan’s face was sullen, looking a little cramped.

This is his personality. He can say anything in private but when faced with beautiful women, he suddenly loses it. In short, a mènsāo. (T/N: outwardly cold/silent but passionate deep inside)

Yan Xiaoman returned a blank look, but Li Weiwei said familiarly: “Lin Xian, we are going to take the second subject on the 15th set. How about you?”

Lin Xian nodded and replied: “We are also taking the exam on the 15th. Are you confident that you will pass the exam?”

Hearing Lin Xian’s question, Li Weiwei’s expression was stagnant and said bitterly: “I have no confidence at all. The exam will be in three days and I haven’t even practiced reverse parking. I always hit the line.”

“What about Yan Xiaoman?” Lin Xian looked at Yan Xiaoman again.

“I have a hard time parking.” Yan Xiaoman was a little helpless. Learning to drive is much more difficult than she thought.

These responses are no surprise to Lin Xian. You can’t demand too much from female drivers!

“Lin Xian, do you have any tips you can teach us?” Li Weiwei blinked.

In all honesty, Li Weiwei also looks good with a face value of at least 80 points.

But when standing next to Yan Xiaoman, Li Weiwei will naturally be ignored.

Yan Xiaoman glanced at Li Weiwei and felt that there is something weird and not quite right about her. She knew her best friend’s character very well.

Lin Xian shook his head and responded: “With driving, it is mainly practice makes perfect. If you drive a lot, you will become proficient. Experience is something that can’t be taught.”

Li Weiwei nodded and said: “By the way, I heard that Lin Junkai will be holding a gathering of our class. And it seems that it will be a cruise. Will you go?”

“What am I going to do? Lin Junkai’s intention is obviously not for gathering.” Lin Xian looked at Yan Xiaoman as he threw the joke.

Lin Junkai likes Yan Xiaoman very much. It has been spread throughout the whole senior high school. Now suddenly there is a gathering. Fools know what he might be up to.

Upon hearing this, Li Weiwei and Wang Zixuan couldn’t help but look at Yan Xiaoman.

Yan Xiaoman flipped her head and said: “I am not going either. After I get my license, I am going somewhere.”

“It seems that Lin Junkai is busy for nothing.”

Looking at the time, Lin Xian rode his e-bike, smiled, and said: “It is getting late. Goodbye to the two beautiful ladies.”

Lin Xian and Wang Zixuan rode on a separate e-bike on the way back.

Wang Zixuan was silent for a while and then he suddenly asked: “Brother Lin, can I ask you a question?”

Lin Xian glanced at him and replied: “What’s the problem?”

“How can you talk to a goddess so naturally? Every time I meet Zhang Mengyao, I couldn’t speak a word.”

Wang Zixuan looked forward to Lin Xian’s answer.

Just now, Wang Zixuan saw how confidently Lin Xian talked and laughed with Yan Xiaoman. He was envious.

Lin Xian glanced at him in surprise. Thinking his buddy was finally getting the hang of it, Lin Xian prepared to answer.

Thinking of Wang Zixuan’s question, Lin Xian said sternly: “In fact, talking to a goddess is very simple. First of all, you must do something about your mentality. You must know that they are regarded as goddesses, but they are still human beings. Regardless of their appearance, they’re just ordinary girls. For example, you can talk to them the same way you talk with boys.”

“Thank you, Brother Lin.” Wang Zixuan nodded thoughtfully.

That night, Lin Xian was playing lol and using Yasuo.

He played seriously and after a fierce operation, successfully win the game.

At this moment, the mobile phone on the table rang suddenly.

Lin Xian glanced at his phone and found out that it was Wang Zixuan calling.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Xian asked straightforwardly.

“Lao Lin, I am heartbroken!”

On the other end of the phone came Wang Zixuan’s deep and disappointed voice.

Fucking heartbroken, as if he seems to have been in a romantic relationship.

Lin Xian’s face was full of black lines and resisted the urge to complain and asked: “What’s the situation?”

“As soon as I got home, I talked to Zhang Mengyao according to the method you said, but I was blocked by her.”

Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment and asked curiously, “What did you say to her?”

“I asked if she can go to the internet café tonight, then she blocked me!” Wang Zixuan said aggrievedly.


Lin Xian couldn’t help but take a cold breath.

This guy is a destructive wolf! (T/N: a net phrase describing a person who has done something unbelievable that makes people astonished)

After thinking for a while, Lin Xian thought that with his EQ, it seems he is better off to be a licking dog.

Of course, he had to comfort his buddy, so Lin Xian said: “Didn’t I tell you that Zhang Mengyao is not very suitable for you? Now, do you believe it?”

Wang Zixuan sighed and said: “Brother Lin, I am in a bad mood. Come out and accompany me. I recently played jungle Elise fiercely, I will carry you to gold tonight.”

Lin Xian: “…”


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