Chapter 43 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

JinCai is really terrifying!

Lin Xian walked out of the room and found three people walking in the living room.

Leading them was a student with glasses and the two people behind him were his parents.

Judging by how they are dressed, they seem to come from an ordinary family, and the guy’s parents also seem a little restrained.

Upon seeing them, Lin Xian took the initiative to greet them: ”Hello, uncle and aunt. My name Is Lin Xian. What’s the name of your son?”

“Zhang Kai!”

The man with glasses smiled shyly.

He is not tall and his skin is a little dark.

His smile is simple.

“I will be your brother in the dormitory from now on. Please take care of me.” Lin Xian smiled.

He is the same age as Lin Xian and is a little shy at first.

But soon Zhang Kai and Lin Xian got acquainted.

“Lin Xian, didn’t your parents come with you?” Zhang Kai put down his things and asked curiously.

Lin Xian nodded and said, “My home is relatively close to Jinling, so I didn’t let them come.”

“You are great!”

There was a hint of admiration in Zhang Kai’s eyes. After seeing the dormitory, he smiled and said, “I didn’t expect Jincai’s dormitory to be this good and the living conditions are even better than home.”

Zhang Kai’s parents were also very satisfied with the dormitory but when they heard that the school was asking for money as rent for the air conditioner, there came a trace of distress in their eyes.

After settling himself, Zhang Kai’s father said, “Student Lin Xian, Xiao Kai can be stubborn sometimes, please take care of him in the future. Thank you!”

Although he is not so good at words, he can tell at a glance that although Lin Xian is young but he is more mature than his own son in terms of living independently.

Lin Xian smiled and replied: “Don’t worry, Uncle. We are now buddies since we live in the same dormitory. We will spend four years together so we will definitely take care of each other.”

Zhang Kai’s father smiled and then told Zhang Kai: ”Your mother and I will leave now. You are already in a university. Call us if you need anything.”

As soon as Zhang Kai’s parents went out, another student walked in.

This student, like Lin Xian, reports on his first day on his own.

His hair is very stylish and he wore a Givenchy T-shirt on his upper body and a pair of AJ’s on his feet.

“Oh, brothers, you are here quite early! My name is Wang Zejing. What are your names?”

Then Wang Zejing got acquainted almost instantly and took out a pack of cigarettes while talking.

Zhang Kai waved his hand and refused: “My name is Zhang Kai. Sorry, but I don’t know how to smoke!”

“Then you should learn. There are no men who don’t smoke.”

Wang Zejing stuffed the cigarette in Zhang Kai’s hand and then handed another to Lin Xian.

“Lin Xian!”

Lin Xian raised the cigarette but didn’t rush to light it up.

Instead, he looked at Wang Zejing with a smile.

Through a short observation, he has understood roughly the other party’s character.

He came from a family with a good background, but with the small faults of being rich, his personality is somewhat selfish. But in general, his personality is not that bad.

When Lin Xian raised his hand, Wang Zejing noticed the watch on his wrist and so his eyes lit up and exclaimed: “Fuck, Vacheron Constantin!”

“What? Do you like this one too?” Lin Xian smiled.

“Fuck! I don’t just like it, I’m a diehard fan of this series. I have been begging my dad for a long time to buy me this, but he just won’t give in.”

Wang Zejing looked at his watch obsessively. With eager eyes he then asked, “Brother Lin, can you let me feel it?”

It seems that Wang Zejing really likes this watch.

“No big deal!”

Lin Xian took off his watch and handed it over to him.

Seeing Lin Xian’s reckless movements, Wang Zejing said with a little distress: “Fuck, brother, can you be gentle with it? It makes me feel a little distressed.”

Wang Zejing carefully took the watch and played gently with it, as if facing his lover.

After observing the watch for a while, Wang Zejing finally put it on his wrist.

Seeing this, Zhang Kai on the side couldn’t help but ask: ”Is this watch expensive?”

Wang Zejing replied: ”Of course, more than two hundred thousand!”

Hearing the price, Zhang Kai was stunned.

His family status is just ordinary. His parents work in the factory. And with a month of exhausting work, their salary only adds up to about seven or eight thousand.

Then he suddenly sees a watch that is worth more than 200,000 so he is so shocked.

Wang Zejing knew it was authentic, so after wearing it for a while, he took it off and returned the same to Lin Xian.

However, his attitude towards Lin Xian has obviously changed.

His family also has small assets, not too many, but at least they own some things.

But even so, his father only wore a piece of green water ghost.

Lin Xian is wearing a Vacheron Constantin that is worth more than 200,000 yuan. And judging from how he acted just now, he doesn’t seem to care about the watch at all.

It can be estimated that the assets of the other party’s family are at least over a hundred million yuan and the liquidity is extremely high.

Wang Zejing’s family has businesses, so he naturally knows how to behave in such a world.

Moreover, his father often taught him to leave a good impression and to build and expand his network.

Then Wang Zejing took the initiative to light Lin Xian’s cigarette and then asked, “Where is Brother Lin from?”

“Jiangzhen City. From your accent, you seem to be a native of Jinling?”

“No. My home is in Jiangning.”

Wang Zejing then turned to Zhang Kai and asked, “What about you Zhang Kai?”

“My hometown is in Shandong province.”

Zhang Kai smoked for the first time. He took it in as the two of them, and then coughed suddenly.

Seeing him in pain, Wang Zejing patted him on the back and said, “It’s okay. It’s the same as the first time I smoked. You will get used to it.”

The three of them sat on the sofa in the living room and chatted. They became familiar with each other in such a short time.

As time went on, three more people entered the dormitory one after another.

One was named Wang Meng, who also came from Shandong province just like Zhang Kai.

But unlike Zhang Kai, he is tall.

But what made them speechless was that Wang Meng’s appearance is in contrast with his soft voice and soft personality, making the three felt chilled.

Taking advantage of his effort to clean up the bed, Wang Zejing raised his eyebrows and said, “This buddy doesn’t have a problem, right?”

“I don’t care. I won’t stay in the same bedroom with him anyway.” Lin Xian smiled.

The other two guys are named Lei Hongguang from Rocheng, and the other is named Sun Jiacheng.

The two of them, plus Wang Zejing and Wang Meng are assigned to one room. While Lin Xian and Zhang Kai are assigned in the other.

After waiting for a while and no more guys came, Lin Xian wondered: “Will our dorm only have six people?”

Wang Zejing then said, “Didn’t you hear Brother Lin? There are only six boys in our class, so we were assigned this two-room dormitory.”

Lin Xian was taken aback, “Only six boys? How many are we in the class?”


So then, there are 32 people in their class, with only six boys?

Jincai is really terrifying!


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