Chapter 62 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Perfect Experience

For the second course, the theme of the restaurant has changed once again.

The pictures on the surrounding walls changed, revealing a dense forest.

A few fawns strolled leisurely in the forest.

In an instant, everyone seemed to have come into a jungle from the ocean world.

The dish that fits this theme is black truffle bread.

The dishes remained very exquisite. The presentation is very beautiful. There are small pieces of bread on the plate dotted with black truffle crumbs that looked like a work of art.

The wine that paired the dish is a Rhone valley white wine which smelled a little bit floral as if you are in the garden.

After eating for a full hour, a waiter stepped forward and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please take a break outside the door, and we will prepare the next theme for you!”

’Take a break?’

’Damn it! This restaurant actually has an intermission?’

This is just too unique and beautiful!

Yan Xiaoman and the others couldn’t help but be stunned for a while. They thought it was a very interesting aspect. Under the leadership of the waiter, they went outside the door and ate a watermelon popsicle.

When they returned to the restaurant, the environment had changed completely.

The tablecloth of the dining table was replaced with a meadow. Several picnic boxes were placed on it.

The surrounding walls reflected the blue sky and the white clouds.

The sun is just right and the breeze is not dry.

The entire dining area of the restaurant had transformed into a suburban scene.

In the past hour or so, everyone had already tasted the dishes. In fact, they were all just appetizers and the next one is considered the main course.

A5 grade Wagyu beef is served without any more seasonings other than salt and pepper or any side dishes, not even butter. The dish only relies on the rich fat and it is fried until half-cooked.

It was only seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.

The high-quality ingredient is already enough and has a rich flavor itself that no other seasonings are needed to make it taste delightful.

This is also the first time that Lin Xian gets to eat A5 Wagyu beef. The beef truly melts in the mouth and has a rich and delicious flavor to it.

But you can’t eat too much portion of it because there’s just too much fat.

Fortunately, the portions served are constantly small portions only.

Yan Xiaoman licked her lips after eating her portion as if she had some meaning in this gesture.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian fed his last piece of Wagyu beef into her mouth.

The little girl finally became contented and her eyes turned into crescent moons and had a smile on her face.

The next dish comprised of four Scampi prawns pan-fried in butter, sashimi, and baked seafood soup.

The wine that paired the dishes is the Bordeaux red wine from Chateau Latour.

Lin Xian is not very interested in red wine and prefers sparkling wine and champagne.

An Ran and Wang Lan sat across Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman.

At this moment, An Ran picked up the wine glass and shook the same slightly while smiling at Lin Xian.

This woman is beginning to tease Lin Xian again.

Lin Xian also picked up his wine glass and gestured to her, while thinking in his heart that he must make her look good in the future

Zhang Mengyao who was seated beside Lin Xian poked him in the waist secretly and gave a meaningful look. She made it obvious that she witnessed Lin Xian’s little gestures just now!

Lin Xian glanced at Zhang Mengyao and whispered: “Are you jealous? You have to remember your place. A little lover is just a little lover. You can’t go too far.”


Zhang Mengyao gave Lin Xian a blank look and continued on tasting the food.

She only joked about her being Lin Xian’s little lover before, now he is using the same to tease her.

Yan Xiaoman was eating lobster meat in her mouth and said vaguely: “What little lover?”

“Zhang Mengyao said she could be my little lover. I said I will ask your permission first.” Lin Xian smiled.


Yan Xiaoman then responded with a smile: “I agree so I can bully her upright in the future.”

Although Lin Xian knew that Yan Xiaoman was just joking, he couldn’t help but fantasize.

After all, having three wives and four concubines has been an ancient tradition. Although this tradition has long disappeared in history, some people still yearn for the same.

Zhang Mengyao heard the conversation between the couple and couldn’t help but curse them.

While Yan Xiaoman was tasting the food, Lin Xian calmly opened the system interface and used the [Beautiful Dining Task Card].

”Do you want to use the [Beautiful Dining Task Card] for this dinner?”


”Successfully used! The reward for this task card will be issued after the dinner!”


They began dinner at half-past five in the evening and ended until half-past ten.

Twenty dishes were served during the five full hours and 36 chefs served them all the way.

For the dining experience, everyone is satisfied.

This is especially true for Lu Yan and the others.

About hundreds of photos were taken on their mobile phones. It was the first time they had such a cool and exciting dining experience.

Not to mention the food, every dish is simply amazing and unforgettable.

Of course, the price of the dinner is a whopping 79,992 yuan.

If you include the tips of the ten waiters, the total cost is 83,000 yuan!

At the end of the dinner, the waiter also gave them a card similar to a certificate which indicated the time and date they had eaten in the restaurant.

It’s just that the waiter’s handwriting is just so ugly that the certificate went in vain.

After paying the bill, Lin Xian had only less than 30,000 yuan left.

But he didn’t worry at all because a huge amount of money will arrive soon.

The moment he walked out of the restaurant, a system prompt sounded in Lin Xian’s mind.

”The reward for completing the [Beautiful Dining Task Card] is being settled!”

”The number of women during this time is 8, 3 of which have face values of more than 90 points. The remaining five women are not counted!”

”The actual consumption amount is 79,992 yuan!”

”The settlement is complete. The task reward is *yuan!”


‘15 million!’

Lin Xian was extremely happy.

Yan Xiaoman took Lin Xian’s arm and leaned against him and exclaimed, “I do not know if I can still eat those kinds of food again in the future!”

Lin Xian squeezed her small face and smiled and said, “As long as you want, I can bring you here anytime. The world is so big. There are more days ahead of us so I will take you all over the world in the future!”

For Yan Xiaoman, theirs should be the best love story in the world. Nothing else can compare.

”Lin Xian!”

Yan Xiaoman only felt as if her body was about to melt while leaning against Lin Xian’s arm.

”I felt like vomiting!”

Seeing such a scene, Zhang Mengyao and the others suddenly had the urge to vomit.

”What a pain!”

They already ate so much food but now they are forced to eat a handful of dog food as soon as they left. How can they not throw up?


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