Chapter 63 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

The most perfect memory!

A cool evening breeze passed.

Everyone suddenly felt a little cold.

Shanghai is different from Jinling wherein even at night, the weather is hot.

Nights in Shanghai are cold.

With the wind blowing, everyone suddenly felt tipsy.

Sparkling wine, champagne, and red wine are not high in alcohol, but their alcohol tolerance is very small.

Yan Xiaoman’s face was red at this moment, like a doll, hanging on to Lin Xian’s arm and shoulder.

Zhang Mengyao wasn’t any better.

Just like Yan Xiaoman, she could barely walk straight and swayed involuntarily.

Wang Lan checked the time on her watch and said, “It is getting late. Lin Xian, let’s go back first!”

”Sister Lan and Siter Ran, be safe!” Lin Xian reminded.

”Don’t worry! Then we’ll go first!”

Wang Lan waved her hand and pulled An Ran to stop a taxi.

The two have been best friends for so many years and they are used to these nights.

Seeing Wang Lan and the others leaving, Lu Yan rubbed her eyes and said, “We are going back too!”

The style of teaching at FD University is very strict but their management of students’ affairs is very loose.

They basically do not check if the students are already in their beds and students can enter and exit the campus dormitory any time. It doesn’t matter what time they come back.

After Lu Yan and Yan Xiaoman waved goodbye, Lu Yan got into the taxi with Zhou Hui.

At this time, only three people were left.

Holding Yan Xiaoman’s thin waist, Lin Xian whispered in her ear: “My dear. Won’t you be going home tonight?”

Hearing this Yan Xiaoman suddenly blushed to the back of her neck.

Of course, she knew the meaning behind Lin Xian’s words.

Reason and her girl’s reservation tell her she should refuse.

But her heart won over her sensibility.

After all, what Lin Xian did today moved her very much.

In the end, Yan Xiaoman lowered her head and neither refused nor agreed.

Seeing this, Lin Xian looked happy.

If you can’t even understand the expression of a woman, it can only show that you are not yet suitable for dating.

Zhang Mengyao heard the conversation between the two and can’t help but curse them again in her heart.

Lin Xian directly stopped a taxi and said: “Shangri-La Hotel!”

He did not choose Four Seasons Hotel this time.

To be honest, he finds Four Seasons hotel not so outstanding as compared to other five-star hotels in the city.

Whether it is the environment, the service, or food, it ranks at the bottom.

The Shangri-La Hotel is among the best.

Just to make a simple analogy, the owner of the Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet was once the chef of Shangri-La Hotel.

This is one of the reasons why Lin Xian considered Shangri-La Hotel.

Before he came, he planned to score homebase with Yan Xiaoman. Both of them are young, so the location, the grade, and the environment for their first time must be the best.

He strives to make the most perfect memory!

Since she agreed to Lin Xian, Yan Xiaoman kept her head down, her face flushed.

Entering the Shangri-La Hotel, the three of them took the elevator to the topmost floor.

Lin Xian booked a luxury suite. With two breakfast vouchers, the luxury suite costs 6,026 yuan a day, and the weekend rate increases between 15% to 50%.

As soon as they stepped out of the elevator, a beautiful lady came to assist them.

The beautiful lady is named Tina. She arranged Lin Xian’s reservations in the Shangri-La Hotel.

Although he booked only for three days, Lin Xian is still eligible to have his own assistant for booking two ultra-luxury suites at once.

Tina smiled and greeted them professionally: “Mr. Lin. You are here!”

”Have the rooms been arranged?” Lin Xian asked.

”According to your instructions, all arrangements have been made!” Tina nodded.

”Sorry for the trouble!”

”It is fine. You are most welcome. It is an honor to be able to serve you! I wish you a good rest. Just let me know when you need anything!” Tina said and turned around and left.

As soon as they arrived at their room, Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and said, “Zhang Mengyao, your room is over there!”

Zhang Mengyao didn’t realize it at all and followed them into their room.

Zhang Mengyao rolled her eyes and said angrily: “You two better be careful! I don’t want to be an aunt next year!”

These words made Yan Xiaoman lower her head even more wanting to bury her head completely into Lin Xian’s arms.

Seeing Zhang Mengyao swiping her card key, Lin Xian couldn’t help but curl his lips.

’This girl is too naïve to think that she can sabotage my good thing!’

After swiping the card key in his hand, Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman entered their room.

Lin Xian felt Yan Xiaoman’s trembling body.

He couldn’t help but joke: “My dear, you are not going into a battlefield. What do you seem so scared?”

Yan Xiaoman slowly raised her head and looked at Lin Xian timidly like a frightened little rabbit.

Lin Xian caressed her head fondly and said in a soft voice: “My dear, I specially arranged the room for you. Do you like it?”

Hearing Lin Xian’s question, Yan Xiaoman began to explore the entire room.

The light in the room was very dim. Yan Xiaoman saw a red carpet covered with a layer of roses running from the front door to the bedroom like a path.

On the table and the counter were lit candles.

Lin Xian took Yan Xiaoman’s little hand and slowly walked towards the bedroom.

Lin Xian pushed the door open and Yan Xiaoman seemed to have seen a world of roses.

Blue Enchantress, Champagne Roses, White Roses, Song of the Seas. Name it and you can surely find all of them in the bedroom.

Yan Xiaoman stared at the scene in a daze and after a while raised her head and wrapped her hands around Lin Xian’s neck. “Lin Xian, will you be always nice to me?”

”Of course!”

Lin Xian nodded solemnly.

”Kiss me!”


Early morning the next day…

“Crap! It is already past nine o’clock!” Yan Xiaoman got up suddenly and panicked to find her clothes.

Lin Xian said with sleepy eyes, “Isn’t it the weekend today?”

”Huh? Oh yeah right!”

After realizing that it was the weekend, Yan Xiaoman lay down again and was again ready to sleep.

But as soon as she lay down, Lin Xian came up to her again.

”Don’t make any trouble. Let me sleep some more…Aiya! What are you doing..?”


After some time, the room became quiet again.

Yan Xiaoman blinked her big eyes and there was a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth.

At this point, her mobile phone on the table rang suddenly.

Yan Xiaoman took it to have a look and found out that it was Zhang Mengyao calling.

She connected to the call with some guilty conscience.

”Hey, Princess Yan. It is already almost 10 o’clock. Are you that tired?” Zhang Mengyao’s complaint can be heard on the other end.


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