Chapter 64 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Chapter 64 A man’s romance

Yan Xiaoman hasn’t even replied yet and Lin Xian mocked: “Hehe. Single dogs don’t understand!”

“Cheating couple! If I were a member of the FFF, I would be the first to burn you two!” Zhang Mengyao said as she gritted her teeth. (T/N: FFF group is an internet slang meaning couple haters)

Yan Xiaoman added: “Zhang Mengyao, don’t you want to be Lin Xian’s little lover? I don’t really mind. Go on!”

If it were someone else, Yan Xiaoman would have definitely behaved like a shy little ostrich.

But faced with Zhang Mengyao, she has no shyness at all.

The relationship among women is very complicated.

Zhang Mengyao was furious and said directly: “Yan Xiaoman, this is what you said. I shall come now there and I dare you to open the door.”

”If you dare to come, then I shall open the door for you!” Yan Xiaoman hummed.

”Okay. Wait for this old lady!”

After that, Zhang Mengyao hung up the phone.

Putting down the phone, Yan Xiaoman looked worried and asked Lin Xian: “Lin Xian, what if she really comes here?”

”What should I do? Haven’t you already talked about it with her? Let’s just wait for her!” Lin Xian quipped.

”Okay Lin Xian!”

Yan Xiaoman pinched his waist violently. She then sat up and asked: “You be honest. Did you want this to happen for such a long time?”

”I swear. Absolutely not!”

Lin Xian spoke ignorantly of his conscience.

Yan Xiaoman didn’t believe him. She just gave Lin Xian a blank look.

“Don’t think that I do not know what you boys think. You eat from a bowl and look at what’s in the pot at the same time!” (T/N: eat from a bowl and look at what’s in the pot at the same time — describing the insatiable desire of a person)

”To prove that I didn’t lie, I think it should be better that we…”

Before Lin Xian could finish what he was about to say, Yan Xiaoman interrupted: “Don’t. No Lin Xian. I believe you, really!”

Seeing her pitiful look, Lin Xian felt a little funny.

”Boom! Boom! Boom!”

At this moment, quick knocks at the door suddenly sounded.

Zhang Mengyao actually came and is now banging at the door?

”Yan Xiaoman. I am here. Open the door!”

”Didn’t you dare me to come?”

For a moment, Lin Xian and Yan Xiaoman stared at each other.

”Oh! Get moving. Hurry up and get dressed!” Yan Xiaoman swished out of the bed and quickly got dressed.

Fortunately, they are wearing summer clothes which are easy to wear.

The two got dressed in less than a minute.

Yan Xiaoman opened the door and saw Zhang Mengyao standing at the door.

Zhang Mengyao glanced and sneered at the two. “Oh, I thought you wouldn’t dare open the door.”

”Why wouldn’t we? Someone rushed to be a little lover. Lin Xian and I are too happy enough.” Yan Xiaoman said.

”Aiyo. Is he your Lin Xian now?”

Zhang Mengyao walked into the room and sat on the sofa in the living room and asked, “So, what are we going to do today?”

The two bickered back to back but they sure know when to stop.

After coming in, Zhang Mengyao never mentioned anything about being a little lover.

”I don’t know. Why don’t you go to my school for a stroll?” Yan Xiaoman suggested.

Zhang Mengyai curled her lips and said, “I came to Shanghai all the way from Jinling just to go to your school? Princess Yan, you are too naïve!”

”Who asked you to come?”

”Your Lin Xian begged me to come. Otherwise, why do you think I would have come?”

At this moment, Lin Xian walked out of the bathroom and said, “Don’t say anything. You two accompany me to buy a car today!”

’Buy a car?!’

The two women were stunned.

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but ask: “Lin Xian, why did you think of buying a car?”

”Of course I have planned this a long time ago. Why did I even take driving lessons and obtain my driver’s license?”

Lin Xian then asked: “Should I buy one for you too?”

”Forget it. I don’t need it anyway.” Yan Xiaoman shook her head and refused.

The reason why she refused is that she indeed doesn’t need one and the second, it will be too expensive of a gift.

According to what she knows about Lin Xian the price of the car that Lin Xian will buy will definitely start with a million at least…

If the two are married, it will be nothing. What’s more important is that they are in love. She feels that as of now, it is not appropriate for her to receive such expensive gifts.

”Princess Yan, if you don’t want then buy one for me!” Zhang Mengyao said with a smile.

”Hehe! You are thinking too much, girl!”

Lin Xian deliberately said the word ‘girl’ very hard.

Zhang Mengyao once again gritted her teeth.

After Yan Xiaoman washed up, the three went out.

When they arrived at the hotel lobby, Tina immediately greeted her and smiled: “Mr. Lin, are you going out today?”

”Hmmm!” Lin Xian nodded.

Tina smiled and said, “Our hotel will prepare a special car for you which will be responsible to carry you around for the whole day’s itinerary.”

Regardless of the professional assistant or housekeeper, this hotel is many times better than the Four Seasons Hotel.

They even take care of your travels.

The special car that ShangriLa Hotel prepared for him was a silver Bentley. After getting in the car, the driver asked: “Mr. Lin, where do you want to go?”

Lin Xian opened his mouth and said: “Ferrari 3S Shop at No. 133 Madang Road!”

That’s right. He said a 3S Shop, not 4S! (T/N: 3S (centers that offer sales, service, and spare parts) and 4S (centers that offer sales, service, spare parts, and body and paint services))

There are very few Ferraris currently on sale in China and they are basically shipped from the Italian headquarters.

And 133 Madang Road is Ferrari’s flagship store in China.

It is also the only Ferrari 3S store in China that offers a wide variety of Ferrari models.

You may opt to wait for your car of choice to be shipped for a few days. But Lin Xian wants to take home the car directly after purchasing it and after all the necessary paperwork is completed.

Of course, there are also other car dealers, but there aren’t many models being offered, at most one or two.

The reason is that Shanghai hasn’t had any major auto shows recently, so Lin Xian can only try his luck at the flagship store.

The interior of the Bentley is very luxurious, like a small lounge. This is in fact, the selling point of Bentley cars, noble, refined, and very comfortable!

This is the reason why many types of hotels and companies choose Bentley as the welcome car.

Zhang Mengyao leaned on the leather seat and in a comfortable posture, she sighed and said, “The life of the rich is really corrupt.”

”Are you talking about being upright?” Lin Xian smiled.

”Yeah, so what?”

Zhang Mengyao snorted and asked, “Why did you suddenly think of buying a car in your visit here?”

Lin Xian explained: “I’ve been meaning to buy a car a long time ago, but I was just too poor to afford one!”

”Uh…Let me ask when you said you were too poor, do you mean when you only have hundreds of thousands a month?’ Zhang Mengyao raised her eyebrows and asked.

”More or less!”


Zhang Mengyao took a deep breath and then said sternly: “I suddenly felt the urge to hit you!”

Yan Xiaoman on the side asked: “Do you guys like sports cars?”

Lin Xian smiled and said: “It should be. Sports cars are men’s romance. I think no man can resist the temptation of sports cars. Just like you women’s pursuit of owning jewelry.”

”Well, not all women like jewelry!” Yan Xiaoman argued.


Lin Xian could only secretly sneer in his heart.

When you first saw the Cartier couple bracelet, your expression doesn’t justify what you said about jewelry just now!


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