Chapter 65 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Schumacher’s car!

No. 133 Madang Road, Jinlin Avenue.

The Bentley parked steadily in front of the store, not waiting for the driver to get off of the car, a man from the store came and opened the door respectfully and skillfully for them.

After the three got out of the car, the driver smiled and said, “Mr. Lin. I am on standby in the parking lot. You can call me any time if you need me!”


Lin Xian smiled slightly and pulled Yan Xiaoman into the store.

As soon as you enter the store, you will see a huge LED screen. On the screen was a scene of the F1 racing car running on the field. With the best surround sound, people couldn’t help but get excited.

Looking around the store, Zhang Mengyao curiously asked, “Isn’t it a Ferrari 3S store? Why can’t I see just the car? This looks like a shopping mall!”

Hearing this, a female sales agent hurried forward and explained with a smile: “Our Jinlin Avenue flagship store has three floors, the first floor is a shopping area, and offers high-quality products ranging from clothing, leather goods, household goods to sports car models for different customer lifestyles”

”The second floor is the Ferrari showroom and sales area and the third floor is the after-sales center.”

While the sales lady spoke, she quickly glanced at the three of them.

Cartier bracelets, Vacheron Constantin watches, plus a Bentley car, the sales agent, Wu Xuan instantly included them in the category of being a high-caliber client.

For a while, the smile on her face became more enthusiastic and sincere.

”How shall I address you, Sir?”

”Lin Xian.” Lin Xian said calmly.

”Please take us to the second floor to see the Ferrari cars! By the way, what are your current cars available?”

”Okay, Mr. Lin, please follow me.”

Wu Xuan smiled slightly and led the three of them to the exhibition hall on the second floor, and at the same time began to introduce the currently available cars in the store.

“Mr. Lin, there are currently four available cars in our flagship store namely F8 Tributo, Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari 488, and Ferrari 812 Superfast. The 812 Superfast, in particular, is the latest model launched by Ferrari so we’re the only store in the country that has it currently.”

The last sentence expressed how proud the sales agent is.

The only 812 Superfast in the country is now in the store. It really is something to be proud of.

Wu Xuan handed over a tablet computer and said while smiling: “There are the pictures of the four models in this tablet computer with their detailed configurations.”

This is a very considerate gesture because Lin Xian really has no idea of the models.

Only after seeing the pictures can Lin Xian have an understanding of what she will be talking about.

Lin Xian has always bought things that are most pleasing to the eye. As long as it looks good, he bought the same.

It doesn’t need to be the best as long as he likes it.

This has always been his consumption philosophy.

Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao even don’t have an understanding of sports cars, but women like them are very vulnerable to beautiful things.

When Lin Xian swiped to see the 812 Superfast, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but say: “This car is so beautiful!”

”It looks really cool!” Zhang Mengyao on the side also nodded and agreed.

The new model launched by Ferrari this year is indeed a top sports car so of course, it is beautiful.

Lin Xian smiled slightly as he has some thoughts in his mind. But he wanted to wait until he sees the actual car itself before he decides.

After all, sports cars, especially top sports cars, often have a huge gap between the pictures and the actual thing itself.

After arriving on the second floor, they couldn’t help but be stunned by the scene before their eyes.

At the center of the exhibition hall is an F1 car!

Under the brilliant lights, even if this F1 car is not moving, it is enough to make people excited.

Seeing this, Wu Xuan introduced: “Mr. Lin, the F1 car you are seeing now is Schumachers’ car. In 2003, Schumacher rode this at the Austrian Grand Prix where he won his seventh and last world championship!”

”Is this car for sale?” Lin Xian asked.

Being Schumacher’s last and final championship car, this F1 car definitely has a significant value in history.


Wu Xuan was taken aback and smiled bitterly: “Mr. Lin, this is not for sale. To be honest, this car was specially rented out by the headquarters for our Flagship Store’s opening.”

”All right!”

Lin Xian wasn’t disappointed. Anyway, he just asked out of curiosity.

He knew very well that such a monumental car is not for sale.

The exhibition hall on the second floor has an area of almost 700 square meters, with only four cars on display, which made the whole floor slightly empty-looking.

”Mr. Lin, you just saw the pictures and their detailed configurations. So, which model do you prefer?” Wu Xuan asked.

She knows very well that people who can buy a Ferrari have no consideration whatever on the price. To them, 3 million and 5 million aren’t that different.

Their main consideration is on the appearance and their liking.

So Wu Xuan directly asked Lin Xian which model he prefers and she shall focus on saying more things about the model Lin Xian chooses.

Lin Xian nodded and said: “Let me talk a look at the 812 Superfast!”

”No problem! Follow me!”

Wu Xuan smiled slightly and the three of them walked towards a black sports car.

To be honest, the look of the 812 Superfast is somewhat similar to the McLaren 720s, the car owned by Jason Statham in The Fast and the Furious.

However, their details come in a bit differently. The 812 Superfast is more domineering. Standing in front of it, one can clearly feel the pressure as if facing a beast.

Also, the curve of the body is more beautiful and smooth.

Of course, this is just Lin Xian’s personal take. After all, everyone has their own preference.

”Mr. Lin, the 812 Superfast car is a 789 horsepower, 6.5I V12 engine, it only takes 2.9 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h. It is no exaggeration to say that the 812 Superfast car is currently Ferrari’s fastest and top sports car!”

Wu Xuan paused and then continued: “In addition, the interior has been greatly improved to ensure a more comfortable driving experience.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but curl his lips.

‘The interior…’

Lin Xian didn’t speak and stepped forward to take a closer look.

The more he looked at it, the more satisfied he becomes and so he couldn’t help asking: “Is there only the black model at the moment?”

Wu Xuan replied: “Currently, the 812 Superfast is only available in black and red. If Mr. Lin is not leaning towards these colors, then you can choose to make a private order for the other color, but the waiting time is long.”

”How long is the waiting time?” Lin Xian asked.

”At least three months!”

’Three months?’

For Lin Xian, the waiting time is too long.


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