Chapter 66 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I want to be a little lover

After patting the front of the car, Lin Xian continued to ask: “What is the current price of this car?”

”It is currently priced at 5.39 million!”

Wu Xuan’s eyes lit up and said, “We can opt for a minimum of 10% down payment…”

Lin Xian waved his hand and interrupted: “Can I pick up the car today?”

Buying a top sports car like a Ferrari is different from other cars. After placing the order, a series of procedures like driving training is required.

If you are buying the Enzo and Rafa models, then there are even more restrictions and procedures.

Of course, with regards to purchasing the car in full, Lin Xian doesn’t have any problem at all. He doesn’t like to pay in installments nor does he like to be in debt.

And buying the car at once in full payment is a lot more convenient.

Sure enough, when Lin Xian mentioned paying in full Wu Xuan immediately promised: “Mr. Lin, rest assured that we will handle all the procedures for you, and we can definitely let you pick up your purchased car today.”

”I am afraid of trouble. I don’t care much about the procedures. All I care about is that I will be able to take out and drive the car before dark!” Lin Xian took out his bank card and ordered.

”I will definitely handle everything!” Wu Xuan said solemnly

”Swipe the card then!” Lin Xian said as he handed over his bank card.

On the side, Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao’s faces were sluggish at the moment.

’It…It is decided?’

’Dear, isn’t this too hasty?’

’You can at least try the car, sit and feel it, can’t you?!’

’It is a 5.39 million car, not 539!’

Zhang Mengyao suddenly put her hand on her chest and said in pain: “My heart is not feeling good, I can’t take it.”

F*ck. He spent 5,39 million to buy a car and the decision process took less than 10 minutes. Who can stand it?

Although it was not she who spent the money, Zhang Mengyao still felt a little pain in her heart.

Yan Xiaoman was equally stunned: “Lin Xian, don’t you want to think about it again?”

”The configuration of the top sports car isn’t bad. Also, the cost doesn’t matter. The key is that I like it.”

Lin Xian smiled and added, “If you don’t like it, then let’s just buy another one after some time.”

’Just buy another one?’

’Is that even human words?


Zhang Mengyao took a deep breath and with a serious face she said: “Princess Yan, I have seriously thought about it and I think that being Lin Xian’s little lover isn’t so bad at all!”


Yan Xiaoman was amused by her remarks and joked: “It depends on your sincerity. Go ahead and pour me a cup of coffee!”


Zhang Mengyao responded with a sneer.

The three chatted and laughed for a while and then they came to the finance room.

The car alone costs 5.39 million, but including the taxes and insurance, the price will total 6.07 million.

As a Ferrari flagship store, they are definitely tied up to insurance companies, and several agents are present in the store.

During the whole process, Wu Xuan was very busy while Lin Xian just waited for the papers to be signed by him.

After all insurance coverages were settled, Wu Xuan asked: “Mr. Lin, do you want to apply for the license plate in Shanghai or do you opt to do it in other cities?”

Considering how troublesome it is for non-locals to apply for a license plate in Shanghai, Lin Xian decided: “I prefer to do it in Jinling!”

”Are you driving back to Jinling by yourself or do you plan to have the car transported? If you are driving back to Jinling, then let me help you get a temporary license plate elsewhere.” Wu Xuan said immediately.

There are two types of temporary licenses. The first one is only for traffic in the city while the other is for cross-city traffic.

Lin Xian nodded with satisfaction. “I will be driving the car back to Jinling myself. So please help me get a temporary license plate number.”

“Okay. I will handle it now! You can sit in the lounge area for a while, or you may stroll around the shopping area on the first floor. By the way, there is a café next to our shop. Their coffee is very good. You can also go there if you are interested.”

After talking. Wu Xuan took all the documents and called an after-sales employee to drive to the vehicle management office and apply for a temporary license plate number.

”How about we go down first and have a cup of coffee?”

Seeing that the two women agreed, Lin Xian took them to the first floor.

The shopping mall on the first floor is divided into four areas, namely the luxury area, the quality living area, the car model area, and the children’s area.

The three of them first walked into the car model area that showcased Ferrari car models.

It can be said that the workmanship of these miniature models is very delicate, and they are made abiding by the proportions of Ferrari models.

The material is not plastic but made of high-quality resin.

As for the price, they are naturally not cheap beginning at 2,000.

Yan Xiaoman pointed to a model in the showcase and praised: “Lin Xian, this model is so beautiful!”

Lin Xian looked in the direction she pointed and nodded.

“Rafa’s miniature model is indeed very beautiful!”

“Lin Xian, you can buy it and put it in the car as decoration!” Yan Xiaoman suggested.

“That is a good suggestion!” Lin Xian beckoned.

Then he said to the shopping guide: “Help me wrap this model please and put it in the car I have purchased.”

“Okay, Sir!”

The female shopping guide smiled sweetly and cast a concealed wink.

Seeing this, Zhang Mengyao couldn’t help but curl her lips and whisper: “Vixen!”

The Rafa miniature model is worth 18,000 yuan but the workmanship and the materials make it worth it.

The quality living area showcases some of Ferrari’s peripheral products such as suitcases, glasses, handbags, baseball caps, and many others.

As for the luxury area, it showcases Chow Tai Fook jewelry.

Yan Xiaoman looked at the various jewels and couldn’t help but be taken aback. “Ferrari brand actually sells jewels?”

“This flagship store was jointly invested and established by Ferrari and Chow Tai Fook Jewelry. Of course, there should be jewelry being sold!” Lin Xian explained with a smile.

“Would you like to go in and have a look?”

“No need. Let’s go to the café!” Yan Xiaoman shook her head immediately.

She was afraid that when they go and take a look, Lin Xian will buy her another jewelry again.

Seeing her refusal, Lin Xian couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

Then he took the two women to the café.

The café had stylish and artistic decorations.

The price for a cup of coffee is not cheap, 199 yuan per cup.

And the taste is indeed great, the aroma is rich and full, and the aftertaste is lingering.

The three of them sat by the window and enjoyed the scenery outside while drinking their coffees, which was very comfortable.

Zhang Mengyao took a sip of coffee and asked, “Lin Xian, what is your dream in the future?”

Lin Xian pondered for a moment and said with a serious face, “Buy a few luxury houses, sports cars, travel without worry, do all the things I like, and live my life in a simple and boring manner!”

‘Simple and boring?’

Zhang Mengyao shook her head while resisting the urge to hit him again.


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