Chapter 69 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly


“Use props!”

After reciting silently, a pair of vintage-looking black-framed glasses appeared in his hands.

Putting on the glasses, Lin Xian found out that these glasses seemed to have no weight at all and…

Damn it. Where’s the glasses?

He realized that when he tried to push the glasses with his hands, he didn’t touch anything and almost poked his eyes.

He walked quickly into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He found that the glasses he had just put on had disappeared.

After recovering, Lin Xian couldn’t help but smile and say, “This design is very user-friendly!”

After all, it is troublesome to wear glasses all the time and he is not used to wearing them.

“Who can I look for to try the effect of the glasses?”

Zhang Mengyao and Yan Xiaoman went to the spa for dry and wet steam. Lin Xian doesn’t know when they will be back. And so, Lin Xian thought of doing an experiment.

At this moment, a figure suddenly popped out of Lin Xian’s mind.

Lin Xian hurried back to the living room of the suite and sat on the sofa, and dialed the phone and spoke:

“Tina, come to my room!”

A few minutes later, Tina walked towards the room.

Tina knew that Zhang Mengyao and Yan Xiaoman are currently away for the spa, and Lin Xian is alone. Knowing this and being called by Lin Xian at this time, some thoughts suddenly arose in her heart.

For Lin Xian, Tina certainly has some ideas.

Young, rich, handsome, romantic, and the most important thing is she heard from the hotel driver that he bought a Ferrari 812 Superfast car today!

Her salary is not cheap, with an annual salary of about 300,000 yuan. But even so, if she wants to buy a Ferrari, she has to sacrifice not eating nor drinking for 10 years.

If she becomes Lin Xian’s woman, then her life in the future…

Thinking of this, she twisted her waist even more.

She entered the living room of the suite and bent down slightly, showing her curves and big bears as much as possible, and then whispered: “Mr. Lin, no matter what it is, I will satisfy you!”

Tina’s voice is very soft, but the word ‘satisfy’ was heavily stressed.

Lin Xian touched his chin and kept looking up and down with a scrutinizing gaze.

【Tina: The real face value is 84. The figure is 81. And the favorability is 63! 】


‘The real face value is only 84!’

Tina gave Lin Xian the impression that her face value was at least 90 points.

It seems that her makeup skills are very good and she was able to deceive Lin Xian.

Feeling Lin Xian’s gaze which seemed like scanning her body, Tina was delighted but also a little shy.

However, after some time, Tina suddenly heard Lin Xian say: “It’s okay. Never mind. You can go back now. I don’t need anything!”

“N…Never mind…?”

‘This old lady is already prepared, and you just called me for nothing!?’

Tina was taken aback for a moment, her expression a little sluggish.

Seeing her looking a little weird, Lin Xian raised his eyebrow and said: “Is there any problem?”

“Oh…No problem!”

After recovering herself, Tina hurriedly left.

Seing the leaving Tina, Lin Xian couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh.

He naturally saw her thoughts.

Being surrounded by high-quality goddesses like Yan Xiaoman, Zhang Mengyao, and Ling Youyu, his standard has bloated unconsciously.

Any young lady with a face value of less than 90 points is no good at all!

Because of a lot of workouts last night, Lin Xian yawned while lying on the sofa.

Anyway, the two women will be away in the spa for a while, so Lin Xian closed his eyes to make up for the hours of sleeping he lost.

He doesn’t know for how long he had been asleep.

When he opened his eyes, a pair of white and smooth long legs behind a short-pleated skirt welcomed him.

Because he was lying own, his field of view is extraordinarily wide.


‘It’s actually a Spongebob?’

‘This is such a delightful sight!’

‘No. Yan Xiaoman doesn’t seem to be wearing a Spongebob, and she doesn’t wear a pleated skirt.’

‘Damn it!’

‘Zhang Mengyao?!’

After realizing that something is wrong, Lin Xian resolutely closed his eyes again and pretended to be asleep.

If this is discovered by the two women, the next scene would be extremely bloody.

RBQ, RBQ (T/N: RBQ = ReBuQi = meaning a kind of person one cannot afford to offend; this slang also means ‘Dirty Bitch’)

“Is he awake?” Yan Xiaoman glanced at Lin Xian suspiciously.

“Whatever. It will be done right away!”

Zhang Mengyao spoke with a smile on her face and the movements of her hands were fast.

She quickly put the lipstick on his lips a few times.

Lin Xian knew that it is already the perfect timing to be awake. So, he opened his eyes and said vigilantly: “What are you doing?”

“It’s nothing. I just made you try on my new lipstick!”

Zhang Mengyao put away the lipstick and looked at Lin Xian’s lips carefully and commented pretentiously: “The color tone is not bad. It looks very good!”

Lin Xian rubbed his lips and raised his hand to look at the time and found out that it was already six o’clock in the evening. “When did you come back?”

“Just a few minutes ago!” Yan Xiaoman replied while seated beside him.

“Master Lin worked hard last night. Don’t you want to sleep some more?” Zhang Mengyao teased.

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman blushed and lowered her head shyly.

Lin Xian didn’t care. After stretching, he said, “I will take a shower. Then let’s eat together!”

The three only ate some waffles in the afternoon so they were already hungry at this time.

Seeing Lin Xian walking towards the bathroom, Zhang Mengyao couldn’t help but roll her eyes and say: “This guy!”

She actually saw Lin Xian open his eyes earlier.

Fortunately, her acting skill was good and Yan Xiaoman didn’t have any idea.

There are several restaurants in Shangri-La Hotel, offering all kinds of Chinese, French, and Japanese cuisines.

After taking a shower and changing his clothes, Lin Xian asked, “What do the two beauties want to eat tonight?”

“I’m fine with anything. You decide!” Yan Xiaoman smiled.

Zhang Mengyao on the other hand spread her hands and said: “I am not familiar with the place. You decide!”

“I had French food last night, so let’s eat Japanese for tonight!” Lin Xian suggested.

Seeing the two women nodding, Lin Xian and the beauties went to the Nadaman Restaurant on the second floor.

The taste of the food in the restaurant isn’t bad, mainly because the ingredients used are fresh. The tonkotsu ramen also tastes great while the soup isn’t that bad as well.

Picking up a piece of salmon sashimi, Lin Xian suddenly asked: “Xiaoman, do you know any shop that makes tailored suits in Shanghai?”

Yan Xiaoman gave him a helpless look and replied: “We have to ask cousin about this.”

Zhang Mengyao took a bite of the tempura and asked, “Are you going to buy a suit?”

“If you want a specially tailored one, I know a shop.” Zhang Megyao said seriously.

Hearing this, Lin Xian was taken aback and then asked: “How is the craftsmanship of that suit shop?’

Zhang Mengyao nodded and replied: “It’s very good. They said that a big shot came to Shanghai to specially ask the shop to make a customized Mao suit!”


‘That awesome?’

Being able to make a custom suit for a big shot shows how good is their craftmanship.


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