Chapter 70 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Witty boy

“But I don’t recommend that you go to that shop that makes customized suits.”

Zhang Mengyao’s words made Lin Xian stunned and curious.

This made Lin Xian ask: “Why?”

“The first reason is that because the price is very expensive, but it shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Zhang Mengyao paused and continued: “Secondly, the owner of the shop is already in a semi-retired state. Whether he does business or not depends on his mood. If you go there, it is very likely that he will not entertain you!”

Hearing this, Lin Xian became more interested instead.

”Anyway, I still have time tomorrow. I will go and have a look first. If it doesn’t go well, then I will look for other options.” Lin Xian smiled.

They ate dinner until past eight o’clock.

The three of them went back to Lin Xian’s room and chatted for a while before Zhang Mengyao went back to her room.

Hormones are definitely overflowing at the time of youth, especially after last night, Lin Xian could not bear it.

After hugging Yan Xiaoman for a while, the two walked into the bedroom.

The location of Shangri-La hotel is very good, especially for this grand and luxurious suite, the location is even better.

When you open the curtains of the bedroom, you can directly enjoy the beautiful night view of the Oriental Pearl Tower through the floor-to-ceiling glass.

Yan Xiaoman stood facing the floor to ceiling glass, enjoying the night scene…


One hour later…

The enhancement of his attributes brought about by the Hoodlum in suit skill directly made Lin Xian’s physique more powerful.

Seeing Lin Xian’s eager expression. Yan Xiaoman was like a frightened rabbit wrapped tightly in the quilt begging for mercy. “Lin Xian, I really can’t do it anymore!”

”All right!”

Seeing that Yan Xiaoman’s expression is not faking it, Lin Xian could only suppress his desires by force.

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone’s physique is different. She belonged to the relatively fragile category.

Rubbing Lin Xian’s cheek, Yan Xiaoman asked, “Are you not enjoying yourself yet?”

”It’s okay!” Lin Xian comforted.

Yan Xiaoman naturally realized that he was only trying to comfort her, so she said suddenly: “Why don’t you go to Zhang Mengyao?”


Lin Xian just drank a sip of champagne and when he heard Yan Xiaoman’s words, all the champagne in his mouth burst out.

Looking at her serious appearance, Lin Xian couldn’t tell whether she was bluffing or otherwise.

However, whether it is for real or not, he cannot agree.

”Don’t make trouble. It’s late. Let’s go to bed!” Lin Xian put down the wine glass and gently embraced her.

”Huh! It’s good you are smart!”

Yan Xioman let out a sly smile.

Seeing this, Lin Xian could not help but wipe his cold sweat secretly.

‘Fortunately, I’m witty!’

Otherwise, this place would have turned into a shuraba, that image… I won’t dare to imagine it! (T/N: scene of carnage)

The next day, Lin Xian got up at seven in the morning like always.

Seeing Yan Xiaoman sleeping soundly, he walked out quietly out of the bedroom without disturbing her.

After washing, Lin Xian went to the hotel gym and started his morning exercise.

When he returned back from the gym, Yan Xioman had already gotten up and was washing in the bathroom.

Zhang Mengyao sat on the sofa with her legs upright as she play with her mobile phone.

”You got up early!” Lin Xian greeted.

”Stay away from me sweaty!” Zhang Mengyao glanced at him disgustingly.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian gave her a smirk, wiped the sweat from his face, and patted his hand onto Zhang Mengyao’s leg.

After doing this, he quickly slipped into the bathroom, leaving Zhang Mengyao with a bewildered look.

”Lin Xian! You are dead!”

After reacting, Zhang Mengyao screamed and rushed to the bathroom door and said, “Open the door! If this old lady doesn’t hit you to death today, I won’t be surname Zhang!”

In the bathroom, Yan Xiaoman wiped her face and asked curiously: “Why did you mess with her?”

”She thought I was sweaty, so I wiped her a bit of it!” Lin Xian laughed.

Yan Xiaoman immediately become happy and said, “He is taking a shower. Do you want me to open the door and let you in?”

”Cheating couple!”

Being bullied by the couple, Zhang Mengyao could only curse bitterly and return to the sofa and sit down.

The three came to the restaurant on the second floor to have breakfast at 8:30.

Shangri-La’s breakfast buffet is not much but the food tasted good.

After breakfast, Lin Xian called attendant Tina and told her to prepare a special car.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast car is not really suitable for three people so they can only take the hotel’s private car.


The Bentley stopped steadily in front of an alley.

The driver turned his head and apologized. “Mr. Lin, I can’t get in. You can go ahead.”


Lin Xian smiled slightly and took out a thousand yuan as a tip and handed the same over. “Thank you for your hard work these past few days, you can find a place to park and take a rest.”

”It is an honor to have served you!”

After taking the tip, the driver smiled enthusiastically.

The alley is narrow and with a strong atmosphere of Shanghai.

Several old men were wearing white vests and big slippers huddled together and talking.

The three of them got out of the car and Lin Xian asked, “Are you sure this is the place?”

”What? Afraid that I will sell you?”

Zhang Mengyao snorted and took the lead into the alley.

The residential building on both sides of the alley looked very old, at least 30 to 40 years old.

After walking for about ten minutes, Zhang Mengyao stopped and pointed to a shop in front of her and said, “Here, it is that one!”

On the signboard were four large Chinese characters written with a brush and a suit drawn on the left.

At the entrance of the shop were two old men sitting while playing chess and there were many people watching.

Leading them to the door of the store, Zhang Mengyao shouted at an old chess player: “Hello, Grandpa Zuo!”

Hearing this, the old man with reading glasses raised his head and looked at Zhang Mengyao a few times before he smiled and said, “Oh, isn’t this Old Zhang’s granddaughter, Are you on vacation in Shanghai?”

”Right!” Zhang Mengyao nodded.

”How is your grandpa’s body?” Old man Zuo asked.

”Still the same! By the way, I brought a friend today who is looking for you to order a suit.” Zhang Mengyao said pointing to Lin Xian next to her.

The old man just glanced and waved his hand: “I don’t do business today. You can leave now!”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Mengyao could only give Lin Xian a helpless look.

Yan Xiaoman asked, “Should we leave now?”

”No rush!”

Lin Xian smiled slightly, “Since we’re here, it’s interesting to watch them play chess.”

After purchasing the chess skills book yesterday, he didn’t feel much of a difference. But at this moment that he is seeing someone play chess, his hands are a little itchy.

Standing aside and watching for a while, Lin Xian found that the old man Zuo had quite good skills, but at most he is at an amateur level, which is not even comparable to a third-level chess player.

Soon, the old man won the game.

The old man touched his head proudly and was preparing to leave when he suddenly realized that the three young people hadn’t left yet. So he asked, “Didn’t I say I won’t do business today?”

”We watched you play chess for a while!” Lin Xian smiled.

”Yo, the boy can also play chess? How about a game?”

The old man opposite to old man Zuo stood up to give way to Lin Xian.

Street chess is like that, if you lose, you give up your position to the next chess player.

Of course, there are also those who have bad manners which insist on their position.


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