Chapter 77 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly


Generally speaking, if the favorability reaches 60, it can indicate that the other party has a very good impression of you.

When it reaches 70, it means that the other party has a good feeling for you. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes you, it may also mean friendship.

When it reaches 80, it means that the other party really likes you.

At 90, it can already be called love.

Of course, human emotions are far too complex to be represented by cold numbers.

The favorability data given by the HD glasses can only be used as a reference.

It can’t be said that if the favorability is above 90, the other party is bound to be with you. There are still many factors to consider.

At least, Lin Xian is sure that Zhang Menyao won’t be with him. At least not at this moment.

That is because, she, just like Yan Xiaoman, is a very proud person at heart.

As if she was feeling Lin Xian’s gaze, Zhang Mengyao hurriedly turned her head and with a guilty conscience took out her mobile phone and lowered her head, pretending to be busy with it.

Seeing this scene, Lin Xian couldn’t help but laugh secretly.

It is very rare to see her shy like this and so Lin Xian couldn’t help but tease: “Zhang Mengyao, why are you so silent?”

”What are you saying? Drive well!” Zhang Mengyao did not even lift her head and Lin Xian couldn’t hear anything unusual in her tone.


The acting is good!

Lin Xian suddenly became happy. Zhang Mengyao is really acting very well. If he didn’t have HD glasses, he wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual with her.

Lin Xian then continued: “It is still two to three hundred kilometers from Shanghai to Jinling. A long quiet drive is too dull and I could get sleepy easily.”

Hearing what Lin Xian said, Zhang Mengyao raised her head and pretended to be indifferent, and said, “What do you want to talk about?”

” Anything or you can talk about something that will stimulate the brain so that my brain will remain active and that I won’t be sleepy.”

Lin Xian glanced at her and smirked.

”I don’t know much about brain teasers.”

Zhang Mengyao couldn’t wait to punch Lin Xian to death.

She looked normal but in fact, her heart was racing and she is in panic.

She hurriedly said: “You should be the one thinking. Why ask me!?”


Lin Xian nodded and said, “Tall boys, guess what kind of food!”

Zhang Mengyao was taken aback by such a brain teaser.

She thought hard.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Mengyao said with uncertainty: “Sugarcane?”

”You’re wrong!”

”Ham sausage?”



” Wrong!”

After guessing several wrong answers, Zhang Mengyao couldn’t help but roll her eyes and ask, “What’s the correct answer?”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and said softly: “Cake!”


‘What the heck?!’

Zhang Mengyao raised her eyebrow, her face blank.

After pondering for a long time, she still couldn’t understand and so she couldn’t help asking: “Why is it a cake?”

”Because cake is tall!” Lin Xian said. (T/N: Sorry hard to translate, but it is basically a wordplay on the words Cake (Dàngāo) and Tall (Gāo). And that taller people have bigger eggs)


This made Zhang Mengyao’s pretty face blush!

”Big pervert!”

Zhang Mengyao couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him.

But she has to admit that chatting with Lin Xian is fun.

The tension and her guilty conscience just now quickly diluted under that nasty brain tease.

She thinks maybe, this is one of the reasons why he attracts girls!

”We are just warming up. Let’s have another one!” Zhang Mengyao urged.

Lin Xian saw the interest in Zhang Mengyao’s eyes and said, “Short boy. Guess what kind of food!”

“Low egg!” Zhang Mengyao replied immediately.

Lin Xian said amusedly: “Are you crazy? How can there be such kind of food?”


Suddenly, Zhang Mengyao’s eyes widened, and said proudly: “I see egg tart!”

”Yes girl, smart!” Lin Xian smiled.

Zhang Mengyao snorted triumphantly and said, “Nonsense, how else can this lady be admitted to Jinda?”

”Show off!”

Time passed unconsciously between the two of them talking and laughing. And Lin Xian’s master-level driving skills allowed Lin Xian to keep driving at a high speed even if they were talking and laughing.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast car is still awesome coupled with master-level driving skills, making the original three-hour drive to two and a half hours.

When the two arrived at Jinda, the time was already half-past nine!

Looking at the time on her phone, Zhang Mengyao raised her thumb and praised: “Awesome, Lin Xian!”

”Do you need me to drive you to the teaching building?” Lin Xian asked.

”No. that would be too much trouble.”

”The class has just begun. I’m going to class now!” Zhang Mengyao pushed the suitcase, waved her hand, and quickly walked into the school.

Seeing Zhang Mengyao’s back disappear into the campus, Lin Xian started the car and drove to the Golden Eagle Shopping Center.

Ferrari’s low sound like a beast attracted the attention of countless people along the way.

Lin Xian is naturally going to Golden Eagle Shopping Center to buy gifts.

Giving gifts is all about expressing one’s heart. It doesn’t matter whether the other party accepts it or not. What matters is that you are happy.

After parking the car, Lin Xian walked into the Chanel store and bought a bottle of perfume, and then he went to the Cartier store and bought a bracelet.

The two gifts don’t cost much. They add up to less than 6000 yuan. After all, it is already too expensive to give to an ordinary friend.

The perfume is for Qi Jia, while the bracelet is for Ling Youyou.

During the military training, Ling Youyu gave him watermelon juice every day. And so he should reciprocate her kindness.

Lin Xian doesn’t want to take other people’s kindness unreciprocated and other people’s efforts for granted.

This is among Lin Xian’s principles.

As for the group of dogs in the dormitory, there is no need for gifts.

The friendship between men is different. Inviting men friends to barbecue and drinks is enough to make them happy.

After buying the gifts, Lin Xian drove to Jincai.

When he stopped at the intersection and waited for the traffic lights, a familiar voice suddenly came from his side.

”Nice car!”

Lin Xian saw Mu Wanqing wearing a tight leather jacket, her hair tied into a ponytail, and riding a heavy BMW motorcycle.

Mu Wanqing has a very good figure. At this moment, she exudes a wild charm.

Lin Xian glanced at her motorcycle and smiled and said, “Yours is also very good. Are you going back to school?”

BMW S1000RR, priced at 300,000 yuan.

”How about we race and see who gets to the school first?” Mu Wanqing smiled and teased.

”How do we do that?”

Lin Xian pointed at the traffic in front of them and said with a wry smile.

”Then I shall get back to the school first!”

At this time, the green light turned on, and Mu Wanqing stepped on the accelerator and quickly disappeared into the traffic.

This woman is very sexy. Compared to An Ran, they have completely different styles. But for men, both are very attractive!


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