Chapter 78 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Only the fast one’s win

Back in Jincai, there are dedicated parking spaces.

But if one wants to park for a long time, one will need to pay a lot of money to rent a parking space.

After showing his student ID to the security guard at the school gate, Lin Xian was allowed to enter.

At this point in time, there are many students strolling on the road in the school.

The Ferrari’s cool appearance and sound immediately attracted the attention of countless students and initiated a burst of discussions.

”Oh my! A Lamborghini!”

”You are blind! That is a Ferrari!”

”Damn! There is such a rich second-generation in our school?”


Many students picked up their mobile phones and took a few photos of the Ferrari, and then posted them in the school’s group chat.

Several girls looked at the Ferrari and one of them with yellow hair said suddenly, “Li Yan, the driver seems to be Lin Xian.”

”I couldn’t see clearly. It should be!” Li Yan chuckled.

In fact, she had already seen that Lin Xian is the driver of the Ferrari, but she didn’t say anything.

She didn’t take the initiative to point out Lin Xian, not because she hates him, or because she was not interested in him.

On the contrary, she has been eyeing him.

But she doesn’t want to take the initiative.

But at this moment, she felt like she must take the initiative.

The car doesn’t even have a license plate, so it only goes to show that it is newly bought.

Although she doesn’t know much about Ferraris, she knows that this top sports car is worth several million at least.

It has only been less than a month since the school started, and this top male god has already bought a multi-million sports car. If she doesn’t act to get Lin Xian’s attention this early, how can there be a chance?

She didn’t mind the few girls around her who had stars appearing in their eyes.

Thinking of this, Li Yan said suddenly: “I suddenly remembered about something. I need to go to the library first!”

After saying that, Li Yan walked quickly in the direction of the parking lot.

The remaining girls aren’t fools. They naturally understood her thoughts.

”That was fast.” A girl said suddenly.

The yellow-haired girl smiled and said, “What else? If I look beautiful, I will definitely do the same too. In Jincai, only the fast ones win!”


Lin Xian parked the car. As soon as he got out of the car carrying the gifts, he saw Li Yan approaching.

”Junior brother Lin Xian. What a coincidence!” Li Yan pretended to be slightly surprised and greeted Lin Xian with a natural smile.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but smirk secretly.

The location of the parking lot is so remote, and there is only one road. If it was only a coincidence, Lin Xian would cut his head off!

Lin Xian asked with a faint smile, “What a coincidence senior sister. Where are you off to?”

”I saw someone posted in the school group chat a Ferrari sports car, so I was curious so I came over to take a look. But I didn’t expect the driver to be a student at our school.” Li Yan admitted openly.

In fact, Li Yan has a high emotional intelligence,

If she didn’t have a low face value, Lin Xian really wouldn’t mind giving her attention and it would be okay to discuss anything with her.

At this time, using the HD glasses, Lin Xian saw that Li Yan’s real face value is only 83.

Only 83 points, even lower than that of Tina’s 84 points face value.

Li Yan glanced at the Ferrari and asked casually: “This Ferrari must be expensive!”

”Not bad, nearly 6 million!”

Lin Xian replied casually and waved his hand and said, “Senior sister, I need to excuse myself. I have something to do. I will leave first.”

Seeing the back of Lin Xian while leaving, Li Yan bit her lip.

She could already see that Lin Xian wanted to avoid her. But instead of being angry, she was even more motivated.

’This old day will definitely take you down!’

As for why she is motivated to make Lin Xian hers, it is mainly because of the luxury of living with the wealthy without even struggling to succeed.

Lin Xian went to Qi Jia’s office with the gifts.

Qi Jia at the moment was very busy tapping the keyboard.

Seeing Lin Xian walking in, Qi Jia joked: “Yo, so young Master Lin is back? I heard you bought a Ferrari?”

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and asked, “You know?”

”The school group chat is going crazy. I already knew it was you when I saw it!”

Athough a 6 million worth Ferrari is normal in Jinling, it is still very eye-catching when appearing in Jincai.

”By the way, I went to Shanghai and this time, I brought you a little gift.”

Lin Xian having said that, put the Chanel paper bag on the desk.

Upon seeing this, Qi Jia joked: “Why? You want to chase me?”

”Teacher Qi. Please be serious, I already have a girlfriend.” Lin Xian said solemnly.

Qi Jia knew that Lin Xian was also just joking then said with a serious face, “I can’t accept this gift. Just be good in the future and it is already the greatest support in my work.”

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Work is work. Friendship is something else. I gave this gift to you as a friend!”

”Okay, then I will accept it. But this should be the last!”

Seeing Lin Xian smiling at her, Qi Jia suddenly had a bad premonition. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Damn. You won’t ask for leave again. Are you?”

She was really afraid now.

Seeing her appearance, Lin Xian suppressed a smile and explained: “Teacher Qi, it is not like that. I want to ask you if I can rent a parking space?”

Hearing that, Qi Jia was suddenly relieved. She then responded: “That is easy. You give me the rental fee and I will help you get one.”

”Okay then. Sorry for the trouble Teacher Qi!”

The rent for parking space in Jincai is not that expensive, only 800 yuan a year. Lin Xian directly transferred 3200 yuan to Qi Jia which should cover four years’ worth of rent for a parking space.

When Lin Xian walked out of the office, it was already 11 o’clock.

Lin Xian walked to the canteen and took out his mobile phone to send a message to Ling Youyu.


After class, Ling Youyu walked out of the classroom, alone as usual, holding her books.

At this time, although the students in the class seemed a little more familiar, she can’t still go along with them.

Fortunately, she is used to it.

From elementary to junior high to high school, she had always been by herself.

At this time, Ling Youyu felt a vibration from her phone. She picked up her phone and saw a notification on a message from Lin Xian.

Her face blushed in an instant. Her heart began to beat violently and even her breathing has become rapid.

Due to stuttering, Ling Youyu’s personality has always been inferior and sensitive.

Last time, she gathered the courage to send Lin Xian a message but the answer she received was ‘Hurry up, wash and sleep. Don’t think about these messy things.’

This made the sensitive Ling Youyu feel that Lin Xian must have become disgusted with her.

So thereafter, although she still gave Lin Xian watermelon juice, she was very sad.

Also, she distanced herself and didn’t send Lin Xian any messages anymore.


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