Chapter 79 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I’m afraid this is defective

Lin Xian’s message is just a few words: “What are you doing?”

However, Ling Youyu seemed to be faced with a college entrance examination question, and her hands trembled slightly.

‘Ling Youyu, you have to be brave. Be brave!’

After taking a few deep breaths, Ling Youyu stabilized her slightly shaking hands, and after a long period of contemplation, she typed a reply: “My class just finished. I just got out.”

Soon, Lin Xian sent a message: “Can you come to the cafeteria? I just came back from Shanghai and brought you some small gifts.”


‘He wants me to go to the cafeteria to give me gifts?’

‘This…Is this a date?’

Ling Youyu’s small face became even redder like a ripe cherry vividly.

“I have to be reserved!”

Thinking of this in her mind, Ling Youyu typed and replied: “I will be there soon.”

Ling Youyu put away her mobile phone and held the book in her arm and ran to the cafeteria quickly with her short legs.

At this moment, Lin Xian was sitting in the cafeteria, sending messages to Yan Xiaoman.

The cafeteria opens at 11:30 in the morning, so there aren’t many people at this time. And the first floor of the huge cafeteria is empty.

Within a few minutes, Lin Xian saw Ling Youyu rushing into the cafeteria.

When she came to him, the little girl was panting heavily. Her small face flushed, and her big eyes blinked.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask: “Did you run all the way from the teaching building?”


Lin Youyu nodded and her two little hands gripped tightly the corners of her clothes, like a little loli who had done some mistake.

‘Damn, she ran all the way here. The teaching building is not close to the cafeteria.’

Lin Xian feels a little distressed by this girl’s honesty.

“Sit down and have a rest.”

Lin Xian took her to the seat and handed over a bottle of soda and smiled: “Drink some and take a rest.”

Seeing Ling Youyu’s red cheeks, Lin Xian had the urge to pinch her a few.

But in this situation, he didn’t dare to pinch her.

Ling Youyu is too sensitive. She cannot bear a high surge of emotion in her heart. What if she faints after Lin Xian pinched her cheeks?

In Lin Xian’s opinion, Ling Youyu is like an exquisite fragile work of art.

The two sat quietly for a while. After Ling Youyu’s red cheeks faded, Lin Xian said, “Thank you for the watermelon juice before. This is a little gift to show my gratitude. I hope you like it.”

After taking the packaging bag, Ling Youyu didn’t even look into it and stammered: ‘I…I… I like it!”

Seeing her lovely appearance, Lin Xian’s heart was moved. He planned to use his HD glasses to look into her favorability towards him.

At first glance, Lin Xian was left dumbfounded.

98 points!!!

‘Why is it so high?!’

You must know that Yan Xiaoman’s favorability towards him is only 95 points!

And Ling Youyu’s favorability towards him unexpectedly surpassed that of Yan Xiaoman’s.

This is already very close to full marks.

Although Lin Xian does not quite understand the meaning of full marks, it should be similar to having love unswerving till death.

In addition to being shocked, Lin Xian also had doubts in his heart.

He thinks this is unreasonable!

It has only been half a month since they met each other. And they talk less than 20 sentences in total to each other. How could the degree of favorability be this high?

Even if Ling Youyu fell in love with him at first sight, it is impossible to even reach 98 points!

Seeing that Lin Xian was silent, Ling Youyu stared at him blankly. The blush that had already faded appeared once again.

The little girl lowered her head and looked at her toes. She didn’t know what she was thinking.

If it was any other beautiful woman who has such a high degree of affection towards him, he would have said nothing and taken her directly.

But Ling Youyu is different from all the other girls. She is too sensitive and too fragile.

In case she finds out in the future that he has more than one woman, Lin Xian couldn’t imagine what would happen.



Lin Xian didn’t dare to think further.

It’s true that he is a scumbag. He doesn’t deny that. But he never thought of hurting others.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian took a deep breath and said, “Ling Youyu!”


The little girl raised her head and wanted to speak but was only able to utter one word.

Lin Xian knew what she was about to say and interrupted: “I have a girlfriend!”

The little girl froze for a moment and then blinked her eyes and said: “I, I….I…I know.”

“You knew?” Lin Xian was taken aback for a while.


The little girl nodded as if pecking rice. She took out her phone and typed: “Wang Zejing said it. The whole class knows about it.”

‘Damn it!’

In order to pick up girls, that dog sold him!

Well anyway, he didn’t intend to conceal that he had a girlfriend.

‘There’s something wrong…’

Lin Xian suddenly realized. Ling Youyu clearly knew he had a girlfriend and yet her favorability towards him is still so high!

For the fear that these glasses are not functioning well, Lin Xian took another look.

【 Ling Youyu, real face value is 98, figure is 90, and favorability is 98. 】

‘Favorability is still at 98 points! I am not mistaken!’

At this moment, Lin Xian was completely dumbfounded.

He is self-aware that he is not that handsome enough to make a woman crazy about him. So, he is puzzled by Ling Youyu’s extreme affection towards him.


‘The figure is 90 points?’

He hasn’t even figured out the problem yet and now he discovers another. Among all the women that Lin Xian currently knows, in terms of figure, Zhang Mengyao is on top.

With a height of 165 centimeters, big bear, long legs, and slender waist, it is not an exaggeration to describe her figure as extraordinary.

Otherwise, Yan Xiaoman wouldn’t have been jealous of Zhang Mengyao’s figure.

Even so, Zhang Mengyao’s figure is only 93 points.

Ling Youyou’s height is only 150 cm and the figure is 90 points?

Associating this with an exaggerated favorability, Lin Xian has a strong doubt about the HD glasses at this moment.

‘I’m afraid that these HD glasses are defective!’

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but ask the system in his mind: “System, I want to complain about these HD glasses. I think that there is a problem with it!”

【 Detecting props HD glasses. 】

【 Checking…】

【 Testing complete! All functions of the props HD glasses are working normally! 】

‘Working normally?’

Lin Xian took a deep breath and asked: ‘Come on. Explain to me how Ling Youyu’s figure is 90 points?’

【 Upgrade the props HD glasses so you can view the details of the other party! 】


Lin Xian only discovered that there is a small character at the upper left corner of the HD glasses that says ‘upgradeable’.

The characters were too small that it is almost translucent. You can’t find it if you don’t observe carefully!


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