Chapter 80 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

A good tranquil time

Lin Xian clicked the upgrade button and a semi-transparent interface suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

【 HD glasses: Upgradeable】

【 Upgrade cost: 3,000,000 yuan 】

【Do you want to upgrade? 】


‘The cost to upgrade is 3 million!’

Lin Xian thought for a moment, and then finally decided to upgrade.

This item is a black technology provided by the system, so in theory, it is more useful than any actual skill.

The chess skill book for a first-level chess player was worth 1.8 million. So, spending 3 million to upgrade the HD glasses must be really worth it.

It’s a transaction that benefits him even if he has to spend a lot in exchange.

As for the money, he is not lacking!

With the current income of 1.8 million yuan per month and as the system levels increased, there will be more things that he cannot buy in the real world such as skills and black technology, which are the most important.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian directly confirmed the upgrade.

【 HD glasses upgrading… 】

【 Upgrade compete! 】

【 HD glasses upgraded to Ultra clear glasses! 】


‘Ultra clear glasses? Does this mean that it can be upgraded further to Blu-ray glasses?’

After contemplating in his heart, Lin Xian carefully observed the upgraded interface.

【 Ling Youyu. The real face value is 98, the figure is 90, and favorability is 98 points! 】

There seems to be no change, but this time, Lin Xian found that each can be clicked to view the detailed information.

Lin Xian clicked Ling Youyu’s name in his mind and a list of detailed information suddenly expanded under her name.

【 Ling Youyu; Age: 18; Birthday: December 23, 1998; Currently studying at Jinling University of Finance and Economics; Only child; currently residing at Jiangning District, Jinling City… 】

The information is very detailed.


The money spent was really worth it!

The benefit is that you can view the details of the other party after the upgrade which will make it more convenient for Lin Xian to find Master Liao Jie.

After reading the basic information about Ling Youyu, Lin Xian clicked on her figure points.

【 Ling Youyu. Skin is white, smooth, and flawless; Legs are perfect; Measurements 79.6/51/81.3, only a variance of 3.4% from the golden ratio of Asian women; Special physique B+; Total: 90 points! 】



No wonder the figure score is so high.

Ling Youyu’s figure only has a 3.4% variance from the golden ratio of Asian women.

If it weren’t for her height of only 150 cm, her figure would have been higher than 90 points.

In addition, seeing her skinny and petite look, Lin Xian didn’t expect her measurement to be so exaggerated.

The bust is 79.6 according to the system.

Isn’t that the legendary oppai loli…

What a treasure!

Thinking of this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but look at Ling Youyu from head to toe a few times.

It really isn’t that obvious!

Of course, it could be related to her usual preference to wear loose clothes.

She is not tall. And she looks even more smaller in loose clothes.

Although Ling Youyu lowered her head, she still felt Lin Xian’s gaze, making her cheeks turn even redder.

Lin Xian retracted his gaze and then looked into her favorability.

【 Ling Youyu favorability: 98 ?????? 】

After the series of question marks, there is a line for hints.

It can only be viewed when you make another upgrade.

‘It’s just money! Upgrade!’

However, when Lin Xian clicked on the upgrade button again, he couldn’t help but freeze slightly.

【 Ultra clear glasses: Upgradeable 】

【 Upgrade cost: ** 】

【Do you want to upgrade? 】


‘10 million?!’

‘Excuse me. Goodbye!’

After upgrading once, he was only left with less than 4 million, way far from the 10 million needed for another upgrade.

It seems that it cannot be upgraded for now.

At half-past eleven, a large number of students poured into the cafeteria.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian opened his mouth and said:” Let’s go and eat!”


Ling Youyu stood up like a well-behaved little wife and followed Lin Xian closely.

After taking two steps, it seemed that something came to mind. Ling Youyu turned her head and hugged the paper bag on the dining table in her arms as if she was holding a rare treasure.

Lin Xian was even more puzzled when he saw this.

What is going on in this girl’s mind? She doesn’t even care he had a girlfriend.

After swiping their cards for the food, the two found a secluded corner and ate lunch quietly.

The two did not speak and ate in silence.

Ling Youyu enjoyed the atmosphere at this moment very much.

There was a faint smile on the corner of her mouth and two small dimples looming.

She really doesn’t care if Lin Xian has a girlfriend. She just wanted to stay like this all the time.

A good tranquil time always together with Lin Xian.

After eating, the two walked out of the cafeteria. Lin Xian couldn’t help but squeeze her cheeks and smiled and said: “I’ll go back to the dormitory first. See you this afternoon!”

“This…this afternoon…See you!”

Ling Youyu blushed and then turned and ran away.

Back at the dormitory, Ling Youyu climbed directly to her bed under the indifferent gaze of her roommate.

She put down the bed curtain and enclosed herself in the small space as she slowly opened the Cartier shopping bag.

She saw a silver bracelet lying in the gift box. It had bits of broken diamonds shining like stars.

Ling Youyu put on the bracelet and her face blushed again.

After a while, she picked up her phone and sent a message to her mother to share her happiness.

“Mama, he invited me to lunch today and gave me a bracelet.”

Her mother replied: “Shocked husky.jpg. Really?”

Ling Youyu: “Hmm. Mama, I like him so much.”

Ling Youyu’s mother: “I have raised you for eighteen years, but you are just being taken away with just a bracelet? Rage.jpg

Ling Youyu: “Mama, if you do this again, I will ignore you.”

Ling Youyu’s mother: You have a big bear and You are awesome.jpg

Ling Youyu looked at the emoji on her phone once again, puffing her mouth as she typed with exasperation: “Mama, can you speak normal words? And stop sending emojis.”

Ling Youyu’s mother: “Last time when I was going to your school you didn’t agree. When will you take him home and introduce him to us?”

This question made Ling Youyu stunned.

After thinking for a while, she replied: “I don’t know whether he likes me or not.”

Ling Youyu’s mother: “What? He gave you a bracelet and still doesn’t confess? This old lady is coming to your school today!”

Seeing that her mother was starting to become flaky again, Ling Youyu put down her phone glumly.

She hugged the pillow and thought to herself: “He gave me gifts and invited me to dinner. He should like me!”

Thinking of Lin Xian’s aggressive gaze in the cafeteria, Ling Youyu couldn’t help but look down at her big bear and her pretty face blushed.


Lin Xian returned to the dormitory, he is just about to spread out the calligraphy paper to try the master-level hard pen calligraphy, when he saw Wang Zejing rush into the dormitory.

“Brother Lin, is the Ferrari in the parking lot yours?” Wang Zejing said with excitement.


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