Chapter 81 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Looking bland and soft as a piece of jade

“It’s mine!”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and took out his Cartier fountain pen in no hurry and opened a bottle of ink afterward.

Hearing Lin Xian’s confirmation, Wang Zejing was even more excited. He rubbed his hands in anticipation and said, “Brother Lin, can I borrow it for a drive?”

After absorbing the ink for the pen and cleaning it up a bit, Lin Xian glanced at him and said calmly: “I originally wanted to have you drive it. But apparently, I heard that someone has been wildly spreading the news about my girlfriend.”

‘What the fuck!’

Wang Zejing was immediately dumbfounded.

“Brother Lin, listen to me. Let me explain.”

Wang Zejing seemed he was about to cry when he explained: “I really didn’t mean it. Yesterday, Qi Zhenzhen went to our dormitory for dorm socializing and asked me specifically about you Brother Lin. But I accidentally spilled it.”

“Brother Lin…I really didn’t mean it!”

Seeing his pitiful appearance, Lin Xian stopped teasing him. He threw the car key over to him and smiled and said: “Go drive a few laps. Be careful not to crash the car!”

Wang Zejing took the car key in a hurry and immediately recovered his smile. He patted his chest and promised: “Don’t worry, Brother Lin. I will definitely treat it like it’s my father!”

“Damn, I’m not so sure I’m comfortable with that!” Lin Xian couldn’t help but joke.

To be honest, Wang Zejing looks unreliable. But he in fact is the most discreet person in the dormitory, besides Lin Xian.

You can tell from the first meeting how careful he was when he tried on his watch.

As for the news about his girlfriend, Wang Zejing knew that Lin Xian didn’t intend to keep it a secret and didn’t care at all if others knew about it.

Holding the car key, Wang Zejing hugged Zhang Kai who was just about to enter the door, and smiled wildly: “Brother Kai. Let me take you to drag racing and experience the luxury of a Ferrari 812!”

Before Zhang Kai could even react, he was dragged away by Wang Zejing.

Seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. Then he lowered his head and began to practice calligraphy.

Before, with the beginner-level hard pen calligraphy, you should concentrate and write with extreme caution in every stroke.

It often takes seven to eight seconds to write a word, or maybe even more than ten seconds.

But at this moment, Lin Xian feels like a calligraphy god.

Not only has his speed increased countless times.

His handwriting is also more beautiful than before, a bit less ingenuine and a bit more relaxed.

This is the greatness of expert-level calligraphy!

For a person to even reach this level requires ten years of practice or even more.

With more than ten years of hard training, it will allow every word and movement to be incorporated into the muscle memory as if it has become one’s instinct.

Lin Xian stopped writing and looked at the whole page of elegant and free handwriting. He couldn’t help but show a satisfied smile.

He thinks that just with this handwriting, he can at least increase any girl’s favorability towards him by 5 points!

Then, Lin Xian moved his hand from the elegant style to a Kai Style (regular script).

The line of characters is extremely standardized as if it were printed.

Lin Xian then wrote a few more lines, each line having a different style, such as Tsao Style (cursive script).

‘The hobby of hard pen calligraphy has been successfully cultivated.’

Lin Xian thought immediately: ‘What hobby shall I develop next?’

Interest and hobbies are equivalent to skills.

Aside from increasing your success when flirting with girls, learning or acquiring one can help improve a person’s temperament.

And even if some accident happens, like the system suddenly disappears one day, he can still continue to live a relaxed and comfortable life with his skills.

Why do some women even though they have a low face value yet still exude a powerful aura which makes people feel good?

It can be attributed to their innate talents, hobbies, and cultivated temperament.

Lin Xian’s temperament is like that of a quiet lake, a piece of beautiful jade.

As Lao Tzu once said: The greatest virtue has the characteristic of water.

As the Books of Songs also said: When I think of my man, looking bland and soft as a piece of jade.

This kind of temperament that he is going for will not suit learning hip-hop, rock, parkour, and other such hobbies. Those conflicting hobbies will only make people feel uncomfortable and uncertain.

Therefore, it is best to choose those hobbies that tend to be quiet. For example, learning the guitar and hard pen calligraphy as he did.

“Anyway, I have learned hard pen calligraphy. Shall I stop or learn brush calligraphy next?” Lin Xian pondered.

“Brother Lin, what are you talking about to yourself?”

At this time, Lei Hongguang approached curiously.

Lin Xian waved his hand and replied: “I am thinking of which shall I try next and make into a hobby.”


Lei Hongguang was taken aback and said: “Fuck, Brother Lin. Your thinking is too high-end. I can’t participate in that.”

Lei Hongguang really admires Lin Xian.

Lin Xian is already rich and handsome and the key point is that he works harder than anyone else.

During the military training period, he practiced handwriting for one hour a day consistently.

Then now he is now thinking of other hobbies to cultivate, which makes Lei Hongguang extremely desperate.

At this moment, Wang Meng said suddenly, “Actually, I think learning to paint is very good. It can cultivate emotions and is a very practical hobby. For example, you can paint a portrait of your girlfriend, or even be able to design your own home.”

‘Right! Painting!’

Lin Xian’s eyes lit up.

Indeed, as Wang Meng said, painting not only cultivates emotions, but it is also very practical.

For example, no matter how beautiful someone else designs a house for you, there is not better satisfaction than being able to design your house yourself.

So Lin Xian decided that the next hobby he will be cultivating is painting.

It didn’t take long for Wang Zejing to return. His face is flushed while Zhang Kai, who followed him behind, looked pale and with lingering fear.

“Fuck, the Ferrari 812 is really awesome. It only takes 2.9 seconds to accelerate to 100 kph!” Wang Zejing returned the key to Lin Xian and looked very excited.

“Where did you guys go?” Lin Xian asked casually.

“Right in the development zone where there are no cars and not many people around. You can drag race at your own will.” Wang Zejing replied. He is very familiar with Jinling.

Zhang Kai sat down on the sofa and shook his head and said, “Brother Wang, don’t call me again if you are driving. I won’t come with you even if you beat me to death!”

Upon hearing this, Wang Zejing curled his lips and mocked, “Brother Kai, you are too timid. I only drove for 120 kph.”

120 kph does not really give justice to a sports car like a Ferrari.

It can even be said to be too slow.


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