Chapter 94 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

The same shopping philosophy

A bowl of steaming, fragrant duck blood and vermicelli soup makes Lin Xian feel very relaxed all over his body.

Food can indeed bring happiness to people both physically and mentally.

The prices of the food in this restaurant are also affordable and reasonable.

A plain bowl of duck blood and vermicelli soup only costs 7 yuan.

Moreover, the serving size is also quite sufficient.

For the average consumption of people in Jinling, it is really conscientious.

No wonder the business does very well!

After eating, Zhuang Tong asked expectantly: “Shall we go now?”


Lin Xian nodded and then asked, “Sister Nie, would you like to come with us?”

Nie Qingqing actually didn’t want to go.

After all, she still couldn’t accept the idea of being a mistress.

But faced with Lin Xian’s warm smile, she nodded and responded: “Sure. I have nothing to do in the afternoon anyway.”

Arriving at the school gate again, Lin Xian took out his mobile phone and said, “We can’t all fit in the car, so let’s just take a taxi!”

“Don’t worry about me. You can drive there. I will just take a taxi!”

Nie Qingqing waved her hand and asked, “By the way, where are we headed?”

Lin Xian replied: “Let us go and see the car first.”

Lin Xian continued: “Zhuang Tong, what car would you want?”



Zhuang Tong chose beetle without hesitation.

As for Maseratti, Nie Qingqing is the one who said it.

Seeing Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong look at her, Nie Qingqing said in embarrassment: “I’m just saying. Maserati is very good-looking and I have seen many senior sisters own and use them.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but curl his lips.

Mistresses usually use Masserati and it is very popular among girls.

“I don’t want a Maserati. People will know that it is a mistress’ car at first glance.”

Zhuang Tong smiled and continued: “I think that the Beetle is very beautiful, very cute!”

Women rarely understand cars, just like most men don’t understand cosmetics.

In their minds, cars only have two concepts: Expensive or not expensive, good-looking or otherwise.

As for the interior, engine, specs, etc…

They don’t understand any of these, or don’t want to understand it!

The form of the Beetle is really cute. This car is focused on women as its primary customers.

Lin Xian smiled and asked: “Have you decided? The price between the Beetle and Maserati is very far apart!”

Beetles’ high-end models cost only more than 200,000 yuan and low-end can only cost more than 100,000. For a Maserati on the other hand, its price can easily reach tens of millions, the gap is huge.

“I don’t care whether it is expensive or not. I don’t care whether it cost tens of millions or tens of thousands, as long as I like it!” Zhuang Tong said reasonably.

Sure enough, Zhuang Tong has the same shopping philosophy as him. Price doesn’t matter as long as that is what she wants.

Next to Zhuang Tong was Nie Qingqing who glanced at her helplessly.

She feels that a Maserati worth a million is a better choice compared to a broken Beetle!

Seeing how Zhuang Tong really liked the Beetle, Lin Xian nodded and said, “Since you have already decided, then let us go to a Volkswagen 4S shop!”

As soon as the decision was made, Nie Qingqing called for a taxi for herself while Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong drove to the Volkswagen shop first.


After parking the car, Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong waited for a while in front of the shop.

After Nie Qingqing arrived, the three of them walked into the shop together.

The employees of the 4S Volkswagen shop had been staring at Lin Xian’s Ferrari 812 for a long time. After all the beast-like sound and cool exterior are extremely attractive and it is difficult not to pay attention.

As soon as they entered the store, a salesperson greeted them with a warm smile and said: ”Hello to the three of you. Do you have an appointment today?”

Driving a Ferrari 812 and bringing two beautiful women to the 4S shop. Even thinking about it using your ass, you will know that the success rate of transaction is very high.

So the salesperson is particularly enthusiastic.

Lin Xian responded: “We have no appointment. Do you have any beetle in your shop?”

“Yes! Please follow me!”

For a moment, the salesperson couldn’t stop the smile on his face. He led the three with great enthusiasm.

Typically, customers who know what specific model to look for buys the car directly.

On the contrary, customers who say they’re just going to look casually most probably will just look.

Volkswagen is not as expensive as a Ferrari. They generally stock dozens of each model in the store.

The salesperson was very clever.

Instead of taking them to the showroom, he took them directly to the warehouse.

Pointing to more than a dozen Beetles of different colors and different models, the salesperson said with a smile: “Mr. Lin, these are the available cars in our shop. Except for the two models that have already been discontinued, all the models of Beetles are here.”

Lin Xian squeezed Zhuang Tong’s small hand and asked: “Which one do you like?”

Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing looked carefully at the cars and whispered to each other for a while.

Finally, Zhuang Tong pointed to a royal blue one and said: “I like this one!”

“This beautiful girl has a good eye!”

The salesperson immediately started to introduce: “This is our top of the line. It has a soft convertible roof, three doors, and four-seaters. And although the engine is only 1.2T, it is more than sufficient to be used by women in the city.”

“With convertible?” Zhuang Tong said in surprise.

“Yes, would you like to give them a try?” The salesperson said enthusiastically.

Zhuang Tong nodded and said, “Okay, I will try it!”

“Wait for a minute!”

The salesperson left and soon came back with the car keys.

Seeing the eagerness of Zhuang Tong to try, Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask: “Do you have a driver’s license?”

“You are underestimating me. I got my license last year, but I don’t have a car to practice.” Zhuang Tong said proudly.

After receiving the car key, Zhuang Tong couldn’t wait but to start the Beetle and smiled at Nie Qingqing and said: “Come on, I will take you for 2 laps.”

“No, I’m good!”

Nie Qingqing obviously didn’t believe her driving skills as her little head shook like a rattle.

“Let me come and accompany you!”

Lin Xian pulled the car door to get in.

To be honest, he was also a little worried about Zhuang Tong. After fastening his seatbelt, he gently placed one hand on the handbrake. Once the situation requires it, he would immediately press it down.

Upon seeing this, Zhuang Tong was almost speechless and said: “You don’t have to be so nervous.”

Lin Xian defended: “Just in case!”

Zhuang Tong stepped lightly on the accelerator and drove the Beetle slowly out of the warehouse.

It can be said that although her driving skills are jerky, she still drove the car steadily which makes Lin Xian relieved.

After driving around twice, Zhuang Tong became more comfortable.

Back in the warehouse, Lin Xian asked: “How do you feel?”

“I like it”

Zhuang Tong smiled with satisfaction.

“Would you like to look again?”

“No need!”

Hearing this, Lin Xian nodded and said to the salesperson: “We will take this car. How much is it?”


The salesperson was taken aback for a moment and then said hurriedly: “Mr. Lin, the current price of this car is 268,000!”


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