Chapter 95 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Get used to it!

Hearing the price, Zhuang Tong raised her eyebrows and asked, “Is there a discount?”

Sure enough, bargaining is a woman’s instinct.

The salesperson responded: “Beauty, there is really no discount. That is already the factory price! But I can call the shots and give you some freebies.”

In fact, 4S shops don’t make much money selling cars alone. The real money comes in from after-sales services.

It comes from all kinds of maintenance and detailing services.

“What are the freebies?” Zhuang Tong continued to ask.

The salesperson saw Lin Xian looking like he was ready to pay at any time, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Well, I can give you a whole set of gifts, including seat cushions, foot pads, navigator, and full car wrap film.”

“Then, that’s a done deal!” Zhuang Tong smiled looking satisfied.

Lin Xian on the side sighed with emotion.

The freebies are more than that which was given by Ferrari, that is a headset.

Lin Xian took out his card and said: “We have to do something later. By the way, I will pay in full. You shall be responsible for the registration procedures and fixing the car cushions, okay? Will the car be ready at 5:30?”

In fact, it is a little tight to get so many tedious things done in just three to four hours.

But when the salesperson heard that Lin Xian would pay in full, he immediately promised: “Mr. Lin, don’t worry, you can pick up the car at 5:30.”

After the decision was made on which unit to purchase, the salesman hurriedly took the three to the cashier to pay.

When the salesperson asked whose name shall be put as the owner’s name, Lin Xian said without hesitation: “Zhuang Tong!”

Zhuang Tong smiled slightly and gently stroked her fingers a few times on Lin Xian’s hand.

Lin Xian glanced at her and said in his heart: ‘I’ll let you be cheeky for a while but I’ll make you ‘beg’ later at night…’

Including taxes and insurance, the total cost would be 298,000, less than 300,000 yuan.

After the insurance is completed, the rest of the matter will be handled over to the salesperson.

Lin Xian said politely: “We’re going first. Sorry for troubling you!”

“It’s okay, I know you three are busy. Just pick up the car later!”

The salesperson felt very happy and it took less than an hour to get a sale of more than 200,000 yuan.

Walking out of the 4S shop, Zhuang Tong said in a daze: “This feels like a dream. A deal for a 300,000 yuan car can be completed so quickly.”

“Get used to it!”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and booked a car with his mobile phone.

“Aren’t you going to drive there?” Zhuang Tong was puzzled.

“We’ll just take a ride. Anyway, we need to come back and pick up the car at half-past five. It is too troublesome to drive around and come back!”

Lin Xian finally realized the first flaw of the Ferrari 812. When there are more than two people, it will be a little troublesome.

It seems that he will need to buy a four-seater car in the future.


Soon, the cab stopped at the real estate sales center in the Zijin Mountain Country Garden.

He chose this location because it is very close to Xianlin University Town and it only takes up to ten minutes to drive.

And the houses although not as high-end as Tomson Riviera, are well-known to be very cost-effective compared to other real estate developers.

This building has been in the market for a long time and there are only more than a dozen units left unsold, so the sales hall seems a little deserted.

A saleswoman greeted them and asked, “Good afternoon. Are you looking for a house?”


Lin Xian nodded and asked. “Do you still have fully furnished units left?”

“Yes, but only three are left!”

The saleswoman signaled the three to come to the exhibition hall and introduced: “The three units left are on the 22nd floor, on the 24th, and lastly on the 30th floor.”

Sure enough, the locations of the remaining units are not very desirable.

Typically, for a non-elevator 5 to 6-story building, the most desirable is the 2nd and 3rd floor followed by 1st and 4th and the worst is the 5th floor.

For more than 20-story buildings with elevator, the most desirable are those on and between the 8th and 17th floors and their price is also the most expensive.

Floors 8th to 17th have good ventilation, and better view, and insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches and pests like rats rarely appear.

Once the units are located higher than the 17th floor, the price will drop a little for each additional floor.

It is not so desirable to live on higher floors because if there is a fire, elevator malfunction, and other emergencies, it will be a lot of trouble.

Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing don’t know about these and just looked at the models on the booth with interest.

“How big is the unit on the 22nd floor?” Lin Xian asked.

There is no choice but just to pick the best one.

Moreover, living in high-rise buildings also has some benefits. Typically, for units above the 20th floor, the air quality is very good and there is no need to worry about mosquitoes, ants, or rats, plus the view is also excellent.

The saleswoman responded: “The unit on the 22nd floor has a total area of 133 square meters; a shared area of 18 square meters, and an effective area of 115 square meters. Moreover, the location of the unit is very good. There was a previous owner who reserved for it, but for some reason, he was not able to pay within the specified time and so the company relisted the unit for sale.”

“What about the price?” Lin Xian continued to ask.

“The price is 26,100 per square meter and there will be a free community parking space.”

If it were those units on the 8th to 17th floors, the price would be at least 35,000.

Lin Xian continued to ask: “Is the shared area also included in the unit’s price?”

“No. The shared area is calculated separately. It is only 12,100 per square meter.” The saleswoman explained.”

Lin Xian nodded involuntarily. Compared to other developers, this is already conscientious.

Counting the shared area, the house would cost only more than 3 million!

“Can you take us so we can see the unit?”

If the location of the unit is just as the saleswoman describes, then Lin Xian would decide to buy it.

“Okay. Just a second.”

After the saleswoman took the keys, she took them to the community by car.

Because the unit is fully furnished and does not need renovation, there are already many residents in the community. The three of them looked at the environment in satisfaction.

The environment is very good, with all the greeneries and complete amenities. The place is quiet and tranquil.

Looking into the distance, you can also see the Zijin Mountain.

They took the elevator all the way to the 22nd floor and the saleswoman opened the door and invited: “Please go ahead as you please.”

The layout of the unit is that it has three bedrooms, one living area, one kitchen, one toilet, and one bathroom.

The decoration style is biased towards the European minimalist style, and the lighting is really good. The afternoon sun lights up the whole unit.

“Wow! So beautiful!”

After they came in, Zhuang Tong took Nie Qingqing and hurriedly looked at the rooms.


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