Chapter 96 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Mystery Potion

If one thinks that the decoration for a fully furnished unit is really sophisticated, then you are too naive.

Except for the simple decoration, it is just in the mid-quality level and cost about 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.

No matter how conscientious the real estate developers are, they are still capitalists.

And capitalists never do business at a loss.

Lin Xian’s requirements are not also very high. As long as the decoration quality is acceptable, there shouldn’t be any problems.

After checking carefully, Lin Xian couldn’t help but nod, the quality is not bad. If he does it himself, it will probably cost two or three hundred thousand.

As for the range hood and other appliances in the kitchen, although they may not be the best, they are also well-known local brands.

The most satisfying for Lin Xian is convenience. At most, he can buy some daily necessities then he can take his things and move in, thus saving a lot of trouble

Zhuang Tong observes very carefully. She knows deep inside that this house will be hers in the future.

Half an hour later, the saleswoman said: “Are you satisfied with this house?”


Lin Xian nodded and then asked, “Zhuang Tong, what do you think?”

Standing in front of the window and looking at the beautiful environment in the community, Zhuang Tong smiled and said, “I am quite satisfied.”

”Isn’t there two more units? Do you want to check them out?” Nie Qingqing suggested.

”No, the 22nd floor is already the limit. It is not good if the floor is too high!” Lin Xian shook his head.

Listening to the conversation among the three, the saleswoman was taken aback for a moment and then a surprised look appeared on her face.

‘Have you decided so quick?’

She was originally just being professional, so she took the three of them to take a look.

After all, they all look relatively young and at a glance, you will know that they are just students from a university. The ability of people at this age to buy a house of their own is almost impossible.

Unexpectedly, they seemed to have decided to buy the house!

For some time, the saleswoman fixed her eyes on Lin Xian.

He was wearing a set of Versace clothes, a pair of AJs at his feet, the bracelet that looks like Cartier, the watch she doesn’t seem to recognize but seemed very expensive…

After hesitating for a while, the saleswoman asked: “Have you already decided to buy this unit?”

”Yeh! We’ll take this one!” Lin Xian nodded.

Upon hearing this, the saleswoman suddenly smiled enthusiastically: “No problem, sir. Currently, our group has launched a new loan project, and the downpayment is only 20%…”

Lin Xian waved his hand and interrupted: “Excuse me for interrupting. But I don’t like buying things in installments. Is there any discount if I pay in full?”


’Full payment?”

The saleswoman swallowed and said. “Sir, our group has a policy. There is really no discount even if you pay for the full amount. And the parking space is already given away for free.”

“There is no discount even for buying a house in full? Just now, we bought a car in full for 300,000 and they gave us a lot of things as freebies!”

Zhuang Tong raised her eyebrows, turned around, blinked at Lin Xian, and said, “Or we can just go and take a look at another property!”

”No! Don’t!”

The saleswoman was immediately anxious and persuaded: “Please wait a moment. I’ll call and ask the manager.”

An ocular does not always translate to sales in the end. It is also rare that a house is bought in full.

Even though she knew that Zhuang Tong is just saying those on purpose, she still feels a little nervous.

After hanging up the phone, the saleswoman said: “Mr. Lin, I have asked the manager. If you buy the house in full, we can give you a 5% discount and will waive the property fees for five years.”

”That’s it?” Zhuang Tong asked.

”Miss, this is already our biggest discount. If you are still not satisfied, then I cannot do anything about it.” The saleswoman said helplessly.

Life is like a drama, everything depends on acting skills.

Zhuang Tong was acting just now and so was the saleswoman.

If they continue to talk more about it, the discount may be increased, but not much. Lin Xian is too lazy to go after those tens of thousands. After all, after the system reached LV7, his daily income will be 120,000.

Thinking of this, he decided: “Okay. Let us then go through the formalities.”

”Okay, please come with me!”

The saleswoman’s attitude became even more enthusiastic than before.

After returning to the sales center, she immediately brought three cups of coffee.

The procedure of buying a house in full payment is very simple. Lin Xian will just have to pay the fees, sign the papers, get the title transferred and that’s it!

It is not as troublesome as taking a loan. You have to take care of the down payment, apply and get approved for a bank loan, and so on.

”Sir, whose name will be written on the real estate title?” The saleswoman glanced at the two girls and asked…

”Mine, plus her name!”

Lin Xian pointed to Zhuang Tong beside him.

The saleswoman praised: “Miss, you are so blessed!

Of course, anyone would envy Zhuang Tong for owning a house worth more than three million yuan.

Zhuang Tong stared at Lin Xian, and a cloud mist rose in her eyes.

Holding back her tears, she hugged Lin Xian’s arm tightly.

Nie Qingqing’s eyes were full of envy and had an urge to follow Zhuang Tong’s footsteps deep inside.

Which woman can resist this?

After the discount, the house is worth 3.31 million, with a free parking space, and a five-year free property fee.

After swiping the card, Lin Xian’s account balance was only 230,000, but he raised his level to LV7!

【 Host: Lin Xian 】

【 Grade: LV7 】

【 LV7 Privilege Reward: Every time you blink, you will get a reward of 6.4 yuan. Experience can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned! 】

【 System Shop: Mystery Potion 】

【 Props: LV7 Privilege Package*1, Ultra Clear Glasses (upgradeable) 】

【 Skills: Driving a Ferrari with one hand, Absolute Focus, Hoodlum in suit 】

【 Amount: 236,017.50 yuan 】

Task: 【Man and Han Banquet 】

【 Task 1: Completed! Evaluation: S 】

【 Task 2: You have already found the reason why the yellow croaker soup is not authentic. Please continue to work hard. Find Liao Jie and unveil the real taste of the yellow croaker soup! 】

【 After completing Task 2, Task 3 will automatically begin. 】

【Task Progress: 2%】

【Final reward: Depends on the task evaluation. 】

The system shop was refreshed in the afternoon after returning from Shanghai, but the price was a bit exaggerated. So, Lin Xian didn’t mind buying it.

【 Mystery Potion: Randomly increases an attribute by 1-5 points after use! 】 (Attributes includes: Face value, charm, physique, endurance, strength, speed, IQ )

【Price: 8,888, 888! 】

The effect is very powerful so of course, the price is not cheap, that is as high as 8.88 million!


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