Chapter 97 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Are you still human?

When they walked out of the sales center, Zhuang Tong still looked in dazed.

Seeing this, Lin Xian asked, “What’s wrong? Are you not happy?”


Zhuang Tong shook her head and said with emotion: “I just can’t believe it. Yesterday, I was still at a loss thinking about the future. Today, I have a car and a house. Everything came too quickly. It feels surreal.”

Lin Xian nodded pretentiously and said jokingly: “Alright! I will take back the house and the car first…”


Before Lin Xian could even finish, Zhuang Tong interrupted.

It’s funny to see her face on full alert and holding the real estate certificate in her arms tightly.

Nie Qingqing is not any better. The previous purchase of 300,000 was still acceptable. But now, a house for over 3 million?! Buying the house in full really shocked her, and she hasn’t recovered her senses yet.

In fact, buying a car and a house in full in just one day is not too exaggerated.

It’s just that it all happened too fast. It only took an hour to buy the car and the house. The time spent is almost the same as when buying clothes.

And Lin Xian remained calm during the whole process as if he is not spending 3 million but 300 yuan!

This shocked them even more.

Having said that, actually more than three million yuan is really nothing to Lin Xian, as it is just a month’s income.

He raised his hand, looked at the time, and found out that it was almost two o’clock.

Lin Xian squeezed Zhuang Tong’s face and asked. “It is still early but let us go to the car shop and rest there for a while?”

”No! Don’t!”

Zhuang Tong shook her head and said hurriedly: “Lin Xian, let us go and buy some furniture. I want to move in today.”

”Why in such a hurry?” Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Just let me be this time. Okay!” Zhuang Tong said and hugged Lin Xian’s arms.


Anyway, he had nothing to do in the afternoon.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian nodded and stopped a cab.

The three of them rushed to the home appliance center.

They only need to buy a refrigerator and a TV, and some more furniture such as a coffee table, a TV cabinet and a bed, and daily necessities to move in.

Coming to the furniture section, Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing were like two wild horses who have escaped their cages, while Lin Xian followed leisurely admiring their performance.

Zhuang Tong showed unprecedented enthusiasm for decorating her new house.

Moreover, it seems because of Lin Xian, Zhuang Tong is extremely bold in shopping. As long as it pleases her eye, she directly buys it.

She finished shopping for electrical appliances and furniture in just a short time. The efficiency was so high and beyond Lin Xian’s imagination.

“Xiao Tong, isn’t this too hasty? Should we compare several more?” Nie Qingqing frowned.

”Do you know much about electrical appliances and furniture?” Zhuang Tong asked.

”I do not know!”

”That’s right! We both don’t understand, so it doesn’t matter how much we look at it.”

Zhuang Tong spread her hands and said reasonably: “It is better to just go ahead and buy the ones to your liking. And isn’t it too cool to spend money like this!”


Nie Qingqing was taken aback and wanted to refute it, but she found no way to refute it.

The home appliance center is also very efficient. After paying for their purchases, they immediately prepared to let the employees bring the appliances for installation.

Lin Xian saw this and said, “You continue to buy the daily necessities here. I will follow the staffs to get the electrical appliances installed.”


Zhuang Tong leaned forward and pecked at Lin Xian’s face, you can see how happy she is in her eyes.

Lin Xian’s heart was moved. He glanced at Zhuang Tong and checked her favorability with his ultra-clear glasses.

83 points!

Well, it is not too high, but it has stable improvement!

From the 63 favorability points at the time of their encounter, it has become 83 now. It has been steadily rising.

And after all, they have only known each other for two days. It is unrealistic for Zhuang Tong’s favorability to reach to as high as 90 directly.

Lin Xian accompanied the staffs of the home appliance center back to the house.

He sat comfortably on the sofa and watched several staff install the air conditioners and the TV.

In less than half an hour, all of the bought appliances and furniture were installed.

The house at this time has become more homely as compared to its appearance earlier.

Not for long, Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing came back with several shopping bags.

”I’m exhausted!”

The two put down the things in their hands and slumped on the sofa as they catch their breaths.

After a short rest, Zhuang Tong struggled to stand up and looked like she was off somewhere again.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian asked: “Where are you going?”

”Buy more things! There are still a lot of things that I haven’t bought yet, such as carpets, accessories, and more.” Zhuang Tong explained.

Hearing this, Lin Xian pulled her back to the sofa and smiled, and said: “Why are you so anxious? We still have time to buy these irrelevant things in the future.”

“My dear, I’m so lucky to have you!” Zhuang Tong leaned on Lin Xian’s shoulder, stretched out her little hand, clasped the same against Lin Xian’s hands, and rubbed them affectionately.

Nie Qingqing on the side was so disgusted.

‘I’ve been working so hard to help you set up your new house, and you just stuffed me with dog food.’

‘Are you still human?’

‘Pooh! Shameless couple!’

Nie Qingqing cursed secretly in her heart and simply closed her eyes so as not to see.

After sitting quietly for a while, Zhuang Tong regained her energy and hurriedly began to take out the daily necessities and further decorate her new house.

”Need my help?” Lin Xian asked.

”No! I can do the little things!”

Zhuang Tong replied while smiling and took Nie Qingqing to the bedrooms to discuss which bed sheets to use first.

While they went ahead and fixed the bedrooms, Lin Xian opened the system shop and the gift package.

”Open the gift pack!”

【 Ding! 】

【 Congratulations host for opening the LV7 Privilege Package and obtaining special props. 】

’Special props?’

Lin Xian’s eyes lit up and hurriedly look.

【 European and African Wheel】 Upon using it, you will get a chance to draw a lottery and the prize to be won is random! (PS: The item is a one-time consumable and will disappear after use!) (T/N: In China’s gaming world, lucky are ‘Europeans’ and unlucky are ‘Africans’)



Lin Xian smiled slightly and used the props.

In an instant, a huge turntable appeared right in front of him.

The turntable was colorful and each color represented a prize.

When he saw clearly the prizes, he couldn’t keep his calm.

The prizes comprised of: Gold section: 【The heart of the learning God】; Purple section: 【Brain storm】; Brilliant Diamond section:【Infinite charm】; Black Mystical section: 【The kiss of the goddess of luck】.


Looking at the array of words referring to the prizes on the turntable, Lin Xian couldn’t help but take a deep breath.


These rewards are too generous!

Although he couldn’t tell yet what the prizes were all about, just looking at them makes him excited about their powerful effects.

If they were sold in the system shop, the price of each item won’t be lower than 10 million or even several hundreds of millions.

At this moment, Lin Xian wanted to say: ‘only children make choices, I want it all!’

The reality, however, is that he can only get to win one of them in the end!


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