Chapter 10 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

The bloody Lu Xinran!

In the martial arts ground, Lu Xinran stood on the ring and bowed her head.

Li Ran stood there at ease opposite to her with his hands on his back.

The two formed a sharp contrast.

There was a lot of noise at this time and almost all of the disciples were attracted.

The crowd gathered noisily around the ring.

“What’s happening?”

“The Holy Son is going to fight with the junior sister!”

“Ahem. What Are you talking about? Isn’t this worm just trying to shake a tree?”

“Junior Sister Lu angered the Holy Son. She is really unlucky this time around.”

“I told her before not to pester the Holy Son or she will regret the consequences.”

“Junior Sister Lu is very talented. I hope that the Holy Son will show mercy and won’t ruin her foundation.”

With the Holy Son’s cold personally, it is estimated that junior sister this time…sigh”

And a female disciple who is close with Lu Xinran had already rushed to inform and invite the elders.

Those who angered the Holy Son didn’t end well.

Only the elders could possibly help the junior sister now!

A graceful figure floated down not far away. The phoenix eyes were locked at Li Ran.



On the ring, Li Ran raised his index finger and said lightly: “The gap of the realms between you and me is huge, so I don’t intend to bully you. I won’t use my cultivation base nor any spiritual weapons. I will only use this finger.”

“You can use any method within an incense stick of time. As long as you can hit me even once, you win.”

He will not use his cultivation base, just a single finger?

This is naked contempt!

“In the eyes of the Holy Son, I am actually that bad?” Lu Xinran felt a little aggrieved.

“Are you ready? “


Lu Xinran slowly clenched her fist, her eyes looked firm.

Even if she knows that she is not the Holy Son’s opponent, she must still do her best to prove herself to him.

Only then can she be qualified to stand next to the Holy Son!

“Let’s start then.”

Li Ran hooked his finger.

Lu Xinran exhaled, and her cultivation base, the Qi Refining Realm, began to rotate rapidly.

“Instant, Shadow, Kill!”

The junior sister disappeared in an instant and appeared behind Li Ran with both her hands lashing towards Li Ran’s neck like a knife.

Youluo Temple’s secret skill, Instant Shadow Kill!

The figure turns into a shadow and with a stance that can kill someone in just a single shot!

However, as soon as she slashed her hands, a slender finger touched her throat.

The eyes of Lu Xinran widened.

“Screaming so loudly? Are you afraid that I will not know your move?” Li Ran’s tone was flat.


Lu Xinran adjusted her mind and turned into a shadow ready to attack Li Ran again.

But no matter where she attacked, that index finger seems like a ghost that would always point to her weak spots.


Li Ran pointed at her and then she flew away.


“Faster, too slow!”


“Still too slow! Is this all you’ve got?”


Lu Xinran fell and flew heavily out of the ring.

She struggled to get up. Her clothes were covered with dust, blood dripped from the corners of her mouth. Her whole body was a mess.

There was a sharp pain in the place where she was poked.

It was as if her bones and muscles were about to break.

But Li Ran still held his hands behind his back.

His white clothes were not stained at all.

The disciple from the audience covered her eyes.

It was just too terrible and miserable to watch!

Is this the fate of someone who offends the Holy Son?

“Holy Son, please keep your hands.”

Elder Sun hurried over.

Lu Xinran is a very talented disciple, next only to Li Ran in the Youluo Temple, and is his most proud disciple.

Her realm is low, only because she hadn’t cultivated for long!

‘For the sake of the old man, Lu Xinran can’t have an accident.’

Just as Elder Sun was about to go and fly into the stage, a wave of terrifying pressure came around and forced him back to the ground.

He turned his head in shock and saw Leng Wuyan standing beside him.

Elder Sun hurriedly knelt to the ground on one knee.

The invisible force held him back and she said indifferently: “Don’t interfere. Look closely.”


Elder Sun wanted to say something but in the end, held back his words.

‘The Sect Master won’t even allow me to interfere…Xinran, no one can save you this time.’ Elder Sun said and sighed silently.


On the ring, Li Ran shooked his head and said in disdain: “You can’t hold on anymore? You still have ten breathes left, but you can always choose to give up!”

“Xinran, give up!”

“Your opponent is the Holy Son, so you need not be ashamed of losing!”

“Yes, stop holding on. You have already reached your limit!”

The disciples in the audience also called out anxiously.

Lu Xinran is actually very popular among the sect disciples.

She has a cute appearance and a charming personality.

No one wants her to have an accident.

Lu Xinran wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth, her eyes burning. “Holy Son, I will definitely make you recognize me.

Li Ran then said, “Oh, let’s continue then.”


Lu Xinran pushed her technique to the extremes, her whole body blurred as if she merged with the shadow.

“Instant Prison Shadow Kill!”

Her whole body exploded and turned into a sky full of shadows, and swept towards Li Ran.

Her real body is hidden in the shadows. And even with the use of divine sense, she still cannot be easily locked.

The eyes of the disciples watching straightened. They didn’t expect the junior sister who is usually cute, to have such a strong combat power!

Li Ran pointed casually and a muffled hum sounded in the air.

The wind suddenly stopped and Lu Xinran’s body froze in the air. Li Ran’s index finger was pointed to her forehead.


Lu Xinran spitted a mouthful of blood.

Like a kite with a broken string, she planted on the other end of the ring.


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