Chapter 11 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

The mission is completed perfectly!

Lu Xinran’s face was pale, and her heart was dejected.

The pain in her soul is stronger than the pain in her body.

“Our gap is really so big. I can’t even touch him!”

“The attacks are so heavy, in his eyes I must be no different from other people.”

Lu Xinran felt dejected.

“Xinran!” Elder Sun exclaimed and flew into the ring.

However, Li Ran took a step and stood in front of him.

Elder Sun said anxiously: “Holy Son, she had been beaten already. Shouldn’t you stop now? Can you be lenient?!”

Li Ran ignored him and looked at Lu Xinran.

“Are you convinced now?”

“I am convinced.” Lu Xinran said in a hoarse and desperate voice.

“The road to immortality is difficult so you need to move forward. If you don’t want to disappear, you need to work harder than ordinary people. Natural talent determines your upper limit, but the effort you put determines your lower limit.” Li Ran’s voice was ethereal.

“The Holy Son taught me well. Xinran finally understood.” Lu Xinran nodded.

“The meridians are blocked and there are many stagnations in the flow of the Spiritual Qi. This is the reason why you have been unable to establish the foundation.” Li Ran said.

“Do you still remember when I tapped your acupoints just now?”


Lu Xinran was taken aback for a moment and ignorantly said: “Rem.. remember…”

“Run your cultivation method again based on the order of the acupoints I just pointed.” Li Ran said.


Lu Xinran did not question.

Enduring the severe pain in her body, Lu Xinran sat cross-legged and began to run her cultivation method again.

She just tried to circulate her Qi, and she was shocked.

The originally obstructed meridians are now opened and the efficiency of Qi circulation is more than doubled!

The surrounding Qi was attracted by her and swarmed into her body.


Elder Sun gave Li Ran a surprised look.

It turned out that this was Li Ran’s intention for fighting with Lu Xinran.

No wonder the sect master didn’t let him intervene!

Lu Xinran circulated her Qi forty-eight times and the aura in her body had reached the extreme. Her clothes flew automatically without any wind.

Although her Spiritual Qi changed qualitatively, there is still that thin layer of window paper she needs to pierce to breakthrough.

“Open your mouth.”

Lu Xinran opened her mouth obediently, and Li Ran threw a pill from his hand.

As soon as the medicine pill entered her body, it turned into a stream of heat traveling into her Seven Extraordinary Meridians. (T/N: What I know is that there are 8 Extraordinary Meridians, but I will stick to what the author says)


The spiritual energy in Lu Xinran’s body was instantly awakened and the whole person directly rose into the air!

After a cup of tea time, the spiritual Qi gathered. (T/N: a cup of tea time = 3 to 4 minutes)

Lu Xinran opened her eyes and a beam of light flashed from her eyes and she exclaimed in disbelief, “I seem to have completed…establishing the foundation!”


“Junior Sister has established the foundation? She now entered Foundation Establishment?”

The disciples from the audience were dumbfounded.

“Hasn’t she been beaten by the Holy Son? Why did she suddenly succeed in establishing the foundation?”

Elder Sun stepped forward and said with a smile: “Aren’t you going to thank the Holy Son? If the Holy Son hadn’t opened up your blocked meridians and used a precious marrow cleansing pill, how could you have established the foundation so smoothly?”

Elder Sun was very surprised.

Unblocking the meridians is generally only down by oneself slowly, and external help will only make the foundation unstable.

But Li Ran can actually find the blocked points without using spiritual power. This talent is really frightening!

It’s indeed the Holy Son… Is it to imply that the old man almost stands in his way?

Elder Sun glanced at Li Ran and decided to be more cautious.

“Thank you, Lord Holy Son!” Lu Xinran smiles like a flower.

Her heart felt so sweet like an overturned honeypot.

It turned out that the Holy Son was only teaching her on the surface, but in fact, he was trying to help her breakthrough.

To attain it, a precious marrow cleansing pill was used!

“Don’t thank me. Your talent is too bad. I couldn’t stand it.” Li Ran said blankly.

Lu Xinran: o(〃▽〃)o

Obviously, he cares about her but was still too stubborn and refused to admit it.

So tsundere. So cute!

It makes Lu Xinran want to bite the Lord Holy Son!

Li Ran continued: “Also, the medicinal pill is not given in exchange for nothing. Remember to pay it double to me.”

Lu Xinran: “Yes, I belong to the Lord Holy Son. You can come and take me any time.”

Li Ran: “…”

The other female disciples also looked at Li Ran crazily.

It seems that the Holy Son is not like in the rumors. He seems to be cold outside but indeed warm inside. It is really fascinating!

A lot of pink hearts spread throughout the martial arts grounds.

In the corner, meanwhile, Leng Wuyan was like a piece of ice exuding a bone-piercing coldness.

“Hehe…” She twitched her lips.

“This group of treacherous disciples. How about expelling them all from the sect?”

Li Ran felt cold suddenly for no reason.

At this time, Li Ran heard a prompt for task completion. He did not linger there any longer and slipped away as soon the system prompt sounded.

… …

At the rear of the Hill Courtyard, Li Ran breathed a sigh of relief.

Females in the Youluo Temple are like wolves and tigers, who all can’t wait to eat him!

Fortunately, his task was completed.

Li Ran opened the system interface.

【The task has been completed. 】

【Mission Completion: Perfect】

【Rewards: Obtained advanced treasures chest*2. 】

“Only two Advanced treasure chest? Last time, there were three Super treasure chests.”

This only goes to show how exaggerated the level of difficulty was when he confessed to Leng Wuyan.

Li Ran opened the treasure chest.

【Congratulations to the host, for obtaining the physique ‘Concubine Spirit Marrow Body‘! 】(T/N: Direct translation is ‘beautiful girl‘ but from the way it was described, I think Concubine is the right term; May change in future)

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the ‘Fine Jade Illumination Sutra ‘!】 (T/N: Translation can be Fine Jade or Star Gauge. I chose Fine Jade based on the way it was described; May change in future)


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