Chapter 9 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

A genius?! Then fight me!

During the past half month after Lin Ran traversed through, he didn’t even sleep peacefully due to the loss of his cultivation base.

This time, he has gained it back, and so his whole person felt relaxed.

He slept very sweetly.

“Holy Son, wake up.”

A soft voice rang in his ears, and Li Ran opened his eyes slowly.

He saw a beautiful girl standing by the bed, holding his clothes in her hands.

“Holy son, it’s time to get up and eat breakfast.” The beautiful girl whispered.

The girl’s name was Ah Qin.

She was the noble daughter of the Shen family, but because her family clashed with the Li family, their whole family was annexed.

She herself became Li Ran’s servant.

Even when they came to the Youluo Temple, Li Ran always took her with him to serve his daily life.

This is not because she likes her so much.

On the contrary, she has suffered in his hands. Li Ran would always beat and scold her. If it weren’t for the sect’s prohibition on relationships between men and women, she would not have kept her purity.

And another reason why she always took her was that she has always been an obedient dog.

“It’s Ah Qin’s fault, sorry, please punish me, Holy Son!”

Li Ran’s gaze made Ah Qin very frightened and quickly knelt down.

Seeing the unhealed welt marks on her body, Li Ran couldn’t help but shook his head.

How can the original Li Ran do these to such a beautiful girl?

“You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to apologize.

Ah Qin panicked even more when she heard Li Ran’s words and suddenly knocked her head on the ground as she kowtowed.

“Ah Qin was wrong. Please punish me, Holy Son!”

She faced the ground. Her whole body was trembling, constantly terrified to the extreme.

Li Ran sighed.

Rome wasn’t built in just a day.

The psychological shadow left by the torture for so many years, cannot be removed overnight.

And if Li Ran suddenly changes his temperament, it will inevitably arouse other’s suspicion. The best way is to keep that status quo and go away from it slowly.

“Get up and get me dressed.” Li Ran said lightly.


Ah Qin stood up and served Li Ran skillfully as she gently put on his clothes.

Li Ran got dressed in a pure white brocade robe, with silver pierced edges exposed from inside the robe.

He wore a white jade belt around his waist.

He looked like the most handsome and noble beautiful young man in the world.

Ah Qin looked at him without even blinking her eyes.

“Does it look good on me?” Li Ran asked.

Ah Qin nodded earnestly and said, “The Holy Son looks the best!”


Li Ran pinched her small face.

“You have good taste.”

After speaking, Li Ran got up and left.

The room became quiet.

Ah Qin held her cheeks.

Her small mouth opened slightly; her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She stood in the same place for a long time like a sculpture.


After breakfast, Li Ran wandered around with his hands behind his back.

With the existence of the ‘Seizing the Heaven Skill’, he is cultivating anytime and anywhere without having the need to meditate at all.

His whole person was very idle.

All the disciples he met along as he wandered greeted him respectfully.

Li Ran was expressionless and indifferent all throughout.

“Holy Son!”

A soft voice spoke from behind him.

Li Ran turned his head and saw a pretty girl behind him.

The girl’s eyes turned into crescents as she smiled.

“Little Junior Sister?”

Li Ran raised his brows.

For all that has happened yesterday, she is to blame.

Lu Xinran smiled and said, “Good morning, Lord Holy Son. I haven’t seen you for just a day, but you seem to have become more handsome.”

Li Ran said coldly: “What do you need? It is very early in the morning and you don’t go to practice but stay here. Why?”

Lu Xinran was used to this attitude so she smiled and said: “Lord Holy Son, people have made rapid progress in their cultivation, and right now, I am already in the late stage of Qi Refining. Even Elder Sun said that I am a little genius!”

It was like an inviting credit.

Her tone was like that of a child waiting for praise.

“None of my business…”

Li Ran was about to say something when a prompt sounded in his mind.


【 Please give pointers to the little junior sister’s cultivation and help her so she can make progress.】

【The quality of the reward depends on the completion of the task!】

Li Ran’s heart beat rapidly.

The rewards for yesterday’s tasks really made him taste the sweetness of his achievement.

And naturally, he will not let go of this task.

‘It is easy to just give pointers, But how easy is it to make progress? It is not something that can be done in just a few words.’

‘And helping others does not conform to my personality.’

‘It seems that I have to think deeply.’


“Lord Holy Son?”

Lu Xinran was still waiting for her praise.

“Genius? Oh, you deserve to be called a genius too?” Li Ran sneered.

Lu Xinran pouted and convinced him more. “Elder Sun said it personally. He said that I am talented and is a great asset to the sect and that my future will be great someday.”


Li Ran shook his head and with his hands down he said:” You are turning sixteen this year? While I was at your age, I have already begun hitting the Golden Core Realm and as for you, you are still at Qi Refining and even not yet completed the Foundation Establishment.” (T/N: Foundation Establishment comes after Qi Refining)

“With such a slow progress and bad talent, you dare call yourself a genius in front of me?”

“It’s ridiculous.”

Li Ran’s indifferent voice was as cold as the winter.

The disciples on the side shuddered.

It is surely the style of the Holy Son, so merciless

Lu Xinran’s small mouth slumped, her big eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

Li Ran on the other hand was expressionless. “Are you not convinced?”

Lu Xinran bit her lip, lowered her head, and didn’t say anything.

“Well then, let me give you a chance to prove yourself.”

“How do I prove myself?” Lu Xinran raised her head.

Li Ran replied casually: “Fight me.”

“Huh?!” Lu Xinran was stunned.


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