Chapter 12 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Master, are you jealous?!

Concubine Spirit Marrow Body.

This is a top-level physique for female cultivators.

A female cultivator who possesses this physique will not only make rapid progress in her cultivation but will also produce essence in her body continuously.

Although the essence doesn’t have any effect on the female cultivator herself, but it would allow her Dao companion to make great progress in his cultivation.

It is an excellent physique for dual cultivation!

The Fine Jade Illumination Sutra, although sounding like a Buddhist method, is actually a first-class dual cultivation method.

Cultivating it to the depths and illuminating your body is very beneficial in Dao comprehension.

Together, these two can be called the invincible existence of the Dual Cultivation Realm.

“Dual cultivation method? Good heavens…”

Li Ran looked embarrassed.

“These are indeed precious things. But the question is, who I will use them for?”


If the Youlou Temple is a Dual Cultivation Sect, then Li Ran can definitely be the most diligent one.

But it is actually the opposite.

The Youluo Temple’s cultivation method emphasizes a clear mind and a few desires.

Dual cultivation method here is considered a crooked path.

Besides, he just confessed to Leng Wuyan yesterday.

In case she finds out that he is secretly dual cultivating with other girls, he would absolutely have no good ending!

“But, what if I dual cultivate with the sect master?”

Thinking about this, Li Ran’s mouth felt a little dry as he recalled Leng Wuyan’s extremely mature figure under that white robe and her exquisite face.

Although it may not be realistic, but if a person had no dream then what was his difference from a salted fish?

“The higher the level of cultivation, the more terrifying the physical quality gets. As an Emperor Level powerhouse, a sword wouldn’t even be able to hurt the sect master the slightest bit… I don’t know if that part has already turned into tempered glass…

“What is tempered glass?”

A familiar voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

Li Ran’s expression instantly stiffened.

Slowly turning around, he saw a gorgeous woman standing behind him.

His throat tightened as he said, “Master.”

“Yes.”Leng Wuyan asked curiously again: “You haven’t answered the question. What is tempered glass?”


Li Ran’s back was sweating coldly.

“This…is a kind of demon. It is called a tempered demon because the body is hard as steel…” Li Ran speak thoughtlessly

“This is the first time I have heard of it. It should be an insignificant little demon.”

“Yes, it is very insignificant, the Master doesn’t need to be concerned.” Li Ran nodded.

“Okay.” Leng Wuyan didn’t ask any further.

She is wearing a plain white thin dress today under her white robe, revealing her slender neck and delicate white collarbones.

In addition, the dress she wears today is shorter than usual, and her slender and round jade legs are exposed.

Her look is a little bit more girlish today.

“Master, your dress looks really good today.” Li Ran changed the topic.

“I’m just wearing it casually. This is nothing. I didn’t wear it to look good or otherwise.”

Leng Wuyan’s tone was casual but her eyes flashed with joy.

She dressed and prepared for half an hour. Although she didn’t say anything, she still hoped that Li Ran would notice.

“By the way, I think you and that female disciple seem to have a very good relationship. Lu Xinran, is it?” Leng Wuyan asked casually.

Li Ran shook his head and said, “Our relationship is just normal. I just learned her name as well.”

“If that’s the case, then why did you spend so much time helping her to breakthrough?” Leng Wuyan’s eyes were on fire.

Li Ran’s heart skipped a beat.

It seems that the sect master cared so much about this matter!

“We are disciples of the same sect after all. She was only a step away from the Foundation Establishment Realm. This disciple just casually helped her.” Li Ran replied.

But obviously, Leng Wuyan is not very satisfied with his answer.

“I remember, you didn’t even care about the other disciples and looked down on them. Since when did you become so helpful?”

Li Ran had a cold personality before.

Let alone instructing fellow disciples, It would be good not to be ridiculed by him.

His actions today seemed a bit strange.

“Um…” Li Ran scratched his head.

“That was before. This disciple didn’t bother to care about them. But it’s a little different now.”

“Oh…?” Leng Wuyan then asked curiously, “What made the difference?”

“Now this disciple has a new identity. I just felt that the air has become so fresh and the days are full of life.”

Li Ran smiled and said, “Because of Master, this disciple wants to be a warmer person.”

Leng Wuyan’s heart beat frantically.

‘What is going on with this person? If he is so shy, how can he open his mouth and say such thing’

“Keep your voice down. What if someone else hears it…?” Leng Wuyan whispered discreetly.

In fact, with the level of the master’s cultivation base, how can she be eavesdropped on?

It’s just that she suddenly forgot it all in panic.

“It is the disciple who is reckless.”

“By the way, why does the master care so much about my relationship with Lu Xinran?”

Before Leng Wuyan could even answer, Li Ran suddenly said, “You’re not jealous, are you?”

Leng Wuyan: ∑(⊙▽⊙a

Her cheeks had instantly turned bright red, like a burning cloud on the horizon.

“Who…Who is jealous? Stop talking nonsense. With the identity of this king? How can I be jealous of my disciples?” Leng Wuyan defended hurriedly.

Li Ran tilted his head to look at her and said, “Then why is your face so red?”

Leng Wuyan responded in panic, “That’s because the weather is too hot!”


The cold wind engulfed the snow and drifted between them.

Li Ran said solemnly, “Master is right. It is indeed very hot.”


Leng Wuyan blushed, even more, wishing to find a hole in the ground to sew herself in.

She gave Li Ran a very shy and annoyed look and said, “Come, let’s compare notes too!”



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