Chapter 3 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Please go out with me?!

The jade stone gleamed in Leng Wuyan’s hand.

From the jade, a number of words jumped out and were automatically arranged and combined into the air.

【Fairy Caixia and Daoist Spiritual Master Chimu became Dao companions. Another tribulation master has been added to the sect! 】

“Can an ugly woman in Caixa find a Dao companion? Is Chimu’s brain damaged or something or is he blind?” Leng Wuyan complained while watching the information.

She looked down at the jade stone again.

【Lin Yuan, the sect leader of the Lieyang Sect used his physical body to resist the lightning tribulation in order to help his Dao companion Mo Xiaoxian cross the tribulation successfully, resulting in damage to his cultivation base. The Lieyang Sect may fall out of the list of top sects. 】

Leng Wuyan raised her brows and said, “For a woman, he will resist the tribulation with his body? This Lin Yuan isn’t a fool, is he? If the Lieyang Sect becomes a second-rate sect, I’m afraid that Lin Yuan will become the sinner of the sect through the ages!”

“True enough, personal relationships between men and women would only result in people making wrong decisions!”

She spoke bitterly and her expression sour as if she had eaten ten catties of lemons.

Then she continues to read on.

【The Sect Leader of the Five Elements Sect and the Fairy of Frozen Cloud Sect became Dao companion, and joined forces… 】

【Shentu Ye, one of the top three experts of the imperial court, went to Lingyang Mountain to attend a wedding… 】

【Acacia sect patriarch invented a highly efficient dual cultivation method…】



Leng Wuyan was expressionless after having crushed the jade to pieces.

“What’s with this information. Why do I get a sour smell?”

She put her hands on her back, and her face was expressionless.

“The world is not benevolent, and the road to immortality is merciless!”

“What? Dual cultivation? Dao companion?… Those idiots have clearly lost their minds! My six roots of sensations are pure and clean. I have achieved the emperor realm early and admired by thousands of people!” Leng Wuyan sneered. (T/N: six roots of sensations are pure and clean –  free from human desires and passions.)

She had already cut off her seven emotions and six desires and concentrated all her time on cultivation and so she finally achieved an unparalleled cultivation base.

“Look at these talents who are the same generation as me. They are all troubled by love and cannot even reach the top like me!”

“I have already become the Sect Master of the Youluo Temple and still there they are rolling in the dust.”

“They’re so stupid!”

This is the very reason why she forbids her disciples to fall in love.

Although there had been gossips behind her back, her conviction was never bent.

For hundreds of years, she thinks that her Dao Heart is as solid as a rock.

But for some reason, she falls into a sense of melancholy when she looks at the vast snowy mountain before her.

There is only the cold winds and snow that accompanied her, not even the slightest feeling of warmth.

It won’t be surprising if she continues to be alone for the next 100 years, right?

Leng Wuyan tightly wrapped her robe to herself.

Obviously, her Dao body cannot be invaded by the cold and heat. But at this time, she felt a little cold.


There came a sound of footsteps behind her.

“Sect Master, the pill that the disciples have made has been handed in. Do you want me to put it in your study?” The female disciple spoke respectfully.

Leng Wuyan turned around and said. “No, just give it to me.”

She just needed to divert her attention and calm her heart.


The female disciple gave her the storage ring and then left.

Leng Wuyan looked for a secluded courtyard and then sat on a wooden chair.

Cultivation is a very complicated matter.

Any mistakes and omissions may lead to disaster or worst, death.

She’s been through those horrible moments herself.

Therefore, when she became the Sect Master of the Yuoluo Temple, she promised in her heart that she will be responsible to her disciples and will not let them be misled in their cultivation.

In alchemy, you can see best a person’s character and cultivation.

“Good. The progress is evident.”

“It seems that it is right to keep my disciples away from falling in love.” Leng Wuyan nodded in satisfaction.

Thinking of this, her mood has improved a lot.

When she took out the last pill in the box, she noticed that the weight seemed to be odd and the box was not signed.

After opening it, she saw a jade stone lying on it.

“Huh? An imagery stone?”

Leng Wuyan frowned, “Who is trying to fool this king with this kind of foolish thing?”

She wanted to throw it away, but after hesitating sank her mind into it because of curiosity.

“I want to see who is so bold to give me this!”

A light flashed in front of her and the background was still the Rakshasa Peak, but there appeared a man standing in front of her.

It was a handsome man dressed in white and while smiling he said, “Here you are.”

“Ran’er?” Leng Wuyan was taken aback.

That man turned out to be the Holy Son, Li Ran.

“Why did he use an imagery stone? Can’t he talk about whatever it is in person?”

“Is it something unspeakable?”

She saw Li Ran looking at her and said, “Thank you for being by my side all the time. You are like a ray of warm sunshine that illuminates my dark life.”

“It turned out that he is grateful to his teacher. This kid. When did he learn to do this trick?” Leng Wuyan shook her head and smiled.

Then Li Ran’s message continued.

Li Ran looked ‘affectionately’ at Leng Wuyan and with a magnetic voice, he said, “I love the summer rain, the light after the rain, and every moment with you.”

“Huh?” Leng Wuyan was taken aback as there seems to be something wrong with his words.

“There is no one but you in my eyes. Hundred millions of stars cannot match.”


“I like you, so please go out with me!”



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